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Camera Tripods, Mounts, and Stabilizers: Take Clearer Photos and Videos

Did you know that, in the early days of photography, it would take hours for an image to be recorded? Imagine having to do that today: "Here, let me take a shot! Just stand there and don't move for about, oh, 5 hours or so. Smile!" No wonder photographers from years ago always used tripods or some other support to ensure the camera didn't move. 

Today, thankfully, we don't have to wait that long to take photos. However, tripods, mounts, and stabilizers are still useful tools for capturing clear, beautiful photos and videos. Read on to find out why every serious photographer needs at least one of these tools in their camera bag, and then browse our wide selection to find the perfect one for you. 

Camera Tripods and Monopods 

Even if you weren't familiar with tripods, the basic shape and design of these camera stands would help you understand what it's for. The three legs are designed for stability, and the mount on top firmly holds onto a camera (or a smartphone with a mount). 

A tripod is a great tool for photographers because it ensures the camera stays still in the desired position, so photos come out clear and sharp. They're also extremely helpful in creating cool effects like time lapse videos and panorama shots. If the photographer wants to get into the picture, using a tripod and timer on the camera can make that happen. 

Monopods provide stability, similar to tripods, but only have one leg. This makes them more portable and versatile, and gives the photographer additional maneuverability. A monopod can't stand on its own, though, so you'll need to hold it in place. 


Like the saying goes, "The best camera is the one that's with you," and chances are you've got a pretty good camera built into the phone you carry around. If you want to use your smartphone's camera to shoot images that would benefit from the stability of a tripod, you'll need a mount. (Camera tripod mounts are also useful for a camera that's not compatible with your tripod.) 

These devices firmly grip your smartphone and allow it to attach to the tripod. Then you can set up the perfect shot and post impressive images on social media that'll get you showered with likes.  


There are some situations where it's just not practical to lug a tripod around, like if you're in a busy crowd or taking a long mountain hike. To get the stability you need for crystal clear shots, try using a camera stabilizer

These devices attach to your camera or smartphone and help reduce camera shake. Most of them also feature a handle, making it easier to hold onto your camera. Some models include a rechargeable battery, giving you the ability to charge up your phone while you're shooting videos or lots and lots of photos.