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Save space, add convenience with an under the counter refrigerator

What is an under the counter refrigerator?

An under the counter refrigerator is a compact refrigerator typically under 34” in height that can be placed virtually anywhere in the home or office. It usually offers all of the same features as a full-sized refrigerator but is designed for small spaces.

Under counter refrigerators are more affordable than full-sized refrigerators. They also use less energy and are quieter. Some are freestanding and can be placed anywhere while others are built-in to seamlessly integrate with your cabinetry for additional cold storage space in the kitchen. In addition to cube-sized under counter refrigerators, there are also under-counter refrigerator drawers that are ideal for storing things like fruits and vegetables.

When and where might you use an under the counter refrigerator?

There are many spots where an under the counter refrigerator can come in handy. They are great for outdoor patios and cooking areas where you entertain or often sit, accommodating things like condiments and beverages.

They can be essential for dorms where students can have their own personal space to store cold food.

They’re also handy in home entertainment spaces, like the den, workshop, or rec room, providing quick and easy access to snacks and drinks without having to head to the kitchen.

Other places you might want to have an under the counter fridge includes in a mother-in-law suite, guest room, or for the kids to be able to easily access snacks and drinks. An under the counter refrigerator can also be great for extra cold storage in a kitchen for items that might otherwise get lost in a packed full-sized refrigerator, like jams, dips, sauces, and more.

What should you look for in an under the counter refrigerator?

When selecting an undercounter refrigerator, first determine where it will go and if you want something built-in or freestanding. Consider the finish, not only in terms of the colour, like white or black, but also smudge-resistance. If the fridge will be accessed by many people, especially kids, you want a smudge-resistant design.

Look at the size as well, which can range from 3.2 cubic feet to 4.4 cubic feet or even larger. Decide what you’d want to store in it and make sure there’s sufficient room and proper organization to do so. For example, are there pull-out drawers for vegetables? Is the interior tall enough to fit large bottles of soda or wine if you want to use it as an under the counter beverage fridge?

You also want to make sure that the door is reversible so you can have it swing left or right, depending on where it’s placed. This also makes it easier to move it around should you decide to situate it somewhere else.

Look at things like Energy Star rating (does it have one?) and if it has a manual or automatic defrost option. Some under counter refrigerators also have an independent freezer section that can come in handy for storing ice cubes and frozen snacks.