Revolutionize your cleaning routine with an upright vacuum.

Compact and easy to use, upright vacuums work well in multi-surface homes.
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What you need to know about upright vacuums

If you have mostly carpeted floors and want a vacuum that's easy to manoeuvre without having to bend too much, an upright vacuum is the right machine for the job. It runs on wheels, rollers, or swivel casters so you can turn, push and pull with ease, while an efficient brush combs the carpet pile for dirt. It often has a large capacity, so you don't need to empty the container unit or change the bag as often. Since it's so efficient, it's also great for area rugs and hard floors.

Upright vacuums roll and swivel gently from a standing position, so you can turn, push, and pull them with ease. They have large dustbins, making them a great choice for uninterrupted cleaning in larger homes. If you’re looking for a model of vacuum that will help reduce dust, dander, and other allergens while still being easy to use and store, give an upright a try.

What should I consider when shopping for an upright vacuum?

Depending on your household needs, you may want to look at convenience features, performance, accessories and attachments to clean different surfaces.

Bagged versus bagless

Either design won't diminish the performance of your vacuum cleaner, but each type has its own perks. Bagless models offer the convenience of simply removing and emptying the bin, making them more cost-effective and kinder to Mother Nature. Bagged versions, on the other hand, tend to have bigger capacities and seal dust away more effectively. If you have allergies, bagged designs will help contain those pesky particles that tickle your nose.

Vacuums for Pets, allergies and asthma

Since vacuums expel air as they operate, a washable filter will help ensure dust and allergens don't go back into the airflow. Upright models with genuine HEPA filtration are ideal if you have seasonal allergies, or are sensitive to dust and mites. These channel the dirty airstream through a fine mesh or sieve that traps tiny particles.


Consider how you'll use the machine. While many upright vacuums are designed to smoothly steer and move around the house, they can vary in weight from 1kg to 9.5kg. A powerful and lightweight upright is the best solution for multilevel cleaning, though it may come with fewer attachments. Cordless stick vacuums offer the most portability, so you can move from floor to floor and clean nooks and crannies with ease.

What to look for in your upright vacuum

Across the board, upright vacuums tend to be powerful, convenient, and easy to store. However, each brand makes theirs differently. Try vacuums from top brands like Shark and Dyson for powerful, upright suction that makes it easy to achieve a deep clean without bending over.

For similarly powerful suction, make sure to also check out vacuums from Miele. While upright vacuums are not a key part of the Miele line, their vacuums have a long history of delivering great results with a high build quality. On a budget, brands like Costway offer a great cleaning experience with a small price tag, too.

Shark upright vacuums

Shark vacuums are a popular choice if you’re looking for an upright model. Founded in 1994 in Montreal, Shark has made powerful steam cleaners and upright vacuums for decades. Their iconic Lift-Away vacuums offer strong suction, with an innovative canister to reach high spots in your home. Simply “Lift-Away” the bagless dustbin and motor pod to reach above windows, into corners, and more.

Dyson upright vacuums

Another major player in the upright vacuum game is Dyson. Known for its powerful cyclone vacuum technology, you may recognize the Dyson Ball from its upright vacuums. These vacuums pivot and turn from a large, central ball, making them more nimble than many of their competitors. The Dyson Upright Vacuum line is a great choice for cleaning furniture and other obstacles. For homes with pets, remember to look for the Animal model of each vacuum to eliminate dander and pet hair.

Electrolux vacuums

If you’re searching for a unique vacuum with powerful suction, make sure to check out the Electrolux line. These commercial-grade vacuums feature a retro flat-bag design with a disposable, zippered dust bag. With a commercial dust bag that holds significantly more than any home vacuum model, products like the Electrolux Sanitaire are great for really large spaces.

Check out for other appliances such as robot vacuums, handheld vacuums or canister vacuums.

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