Design your own website with web design software

What is web design software?

Web design software helps walk you through the process of building your own website. The editor includes tools and instructions for setting up a visual interface, designing the webpage layout, and automatically generating the HTML and CSS codes that are required for a website to function.

Many offer a simple drag and drop experience, allowing you to build the website piece by piece as you add components like images and text, so you don’t need any programming experience.

The focus is on creating the aesthetics, including the overall layout, as well as the user interface and visual imagery to make the website both look good and be easy to use for visitors. Web design software helps those who don’t have prior programming or website design experience to create a web presence that will be engaging, easy to navigate, and accessible to your target audience.

What is the difference between web design software and web design platforms?

Web design software and web design platforms essentially accomplish the same thing, helping you build a website. But web design platforms are found online and usually contain a series of templates you can choose from in order to build out your website and customize it.

Web design platforms can be similarly easy to use, though they often have some complex options to address websites with more sophisticated design and functionality requirements. Some web design platforms are open source and some are restricted, and you can access them from any type of computer.

What are the different types of web design software?

There are lots of web design software options to suit all kinds of website building needs. Usually, they are designed to be easy to use for beginners, with the option to add more features and complex plug-ins for those who desire it.

Ideal for creating your first website to sell products, for example, publish a blog, or promote your small business or hobby, most website design software programs let you see the website come together as you build it. Like web design platforms, website design software has built-in templates from which you can choose to customize your website.

Most are compatible with a specific version of Windows and require about 200MB of disk space on your PC. Some come with a year of free web hosting which will help you get your website off the ground. Some offer features like real-time search engine optimization (SEO) that can help your website get noticed and indexed in searches based on specific keywords. Some let you add web gadgets for selling products online and accepting credit card payments, showing Google Maps, running forums or voting polls, and more.

The great thing with the best website design software is that you can do it all yourself and don’t need to outsource a web developer, which is great for someone just starting out with a new business or just looking to build their own web presence.