Apple Homepod

Immersive audio. Advanced intelligence. 

Apple’s new HomePod smart speaker delivers premium sound for a richer audio experience. Coming soon.

Meet the Apple HomePod mini

What is Apple HomePod mini?

The Apple HomePod mini is a stylish yet powerful smart speaker from Apple that offers some truly next level features. Not only does the HomePod mini have Apple’s own smart assistant, Siri, built in and ready to answer your every query, but it also features excellent sound quality, making it ideal for listening to music. Additionally, the HomePod mini is environmentally friendly, utilizing 99% recycled rare Earth elements and being wholly free of materials like PVC, mercury, and beryllium. And, the mini is impressively energy efficient, requiring 75% less electricity than is necessary to receive the coveted ENERGY STAR rating.

What does the Apple HomePod mini do?

Perhaps a better question would be ‘What doesn’t the Apple HomePod mini do?’ In addition to being able to inform you on issues such as the news, weather report, and sports scores, the HomePod mini can also send search results from your web searches directly to your smart phone, control many of your other smart home devices with voice-based commands, set alarms to wake you up with music or remind you of coming appointments, and it can even sooth you to sleep with calming ambient sounds. Among the comforting sound possibilities are a softly rippling stream, the falling rain, and a warm fireplace.

Additional HomePod mini features

In addition to all the great features listed above, the HomePod mini can also act as an intercom system throughout your home if you have units in multiple rooms. This means that one family member can speak directly to another in a remote part of the house without having to yell. And, since Apple values the privacy and security of its clients, the HomePod mini is designed with these considerations in mind. For instance, it will only send your requests to Apple’s servers (such as when you ask for information that’s only available online) when someone activates Siri either by touch or with the verbal salute, “Hey Siri.” Also, Apple will never sell your personal information to other companies for marketing purposes.

Now available in 3 fun new colours

With the addition of 3 exciting new colour options, the Apple HomePod mini now comes in 5 stylish colours in all to suit the decor of any modern home. There’s both grey and white for a more classic look, and there’s also blue, yellow, and orange for those wishing to add a fun splash of colour to their homes. And it doesn’t matter which colour (or combination of different colour units) you get—they all work exactly the same way and provide the same range of exceptional features. With the Apple HomePod mini in your home, your life will not only be easier and more convenient, it’ll also be more fun!