Electric Ranges

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Bring home an electric range

An electric range is one of the most important appliances in your home. It’s ready to use as soon as you plug it in, and they have a variety of unique features that will make boiling, baking, and sautéing quick and easy.

Available cook top types for electric ranges

The first choice you’ll need to make when selecting an electric range is what type of cook top you’d like. There are several to choose from.

Coil cooktops

One of the more traditional style of cooktops. The burners are made of coils that sit on top of the cooktop surface.

Glass top stove

A smooth top is a cook that has the radiant elements installed underneath a sheet of glass. You may see this type of cooktop called a glass top stove or ceramic stove top.

Induction cooktop

An induction range or induction cooktop is still considered an electric range, but the difference between a standard coil or glass top stove and an induction range is how the appliance transfers heat. Induction heating uses electromagnetic radiation or magnets to distribute heat, so you need a certain type of cookware to cook on this electric stove.

Benefits of an electric range over a gas range

It’s not easy to decide between an electric stove and a gas range, but there are many benefits to electric ranges. An electric range will connect to a standard 240-volt plug, and most kitchens are already wired one. Gas ranges will require a gas fitter to come out and connect the gas to your range.

Gas ranges will burn hotter than most electric ranges, but an electric range doesn’t have issues like plugged ignitors or burners. Cooktops on electric ranges are also easier to clean than gas ranges.

Considerations when choosing an electric range

There are a few other choices you’ll need to make when choosing your electric stove.

Single or dual oven

Electric stoves are available with single ovens or dual ovens. The standard oven capacity on an electric range is approximately 5 cubic feet, and that space can be used for one oven or split into two.

Dual ovens are placed on top of each other and give you individual control of each oven. If you’d like to roast a turkey in one oven while baking cookies in another, you can do that with a dual oven electric range.

Free-standing or slide in electric range

There are two main types of electric range you can choose, and you should keep in mind that both will fit into a standard 30-inch stove opening. A free-standing electric range has a high back that holds the controls. This is the traditional style of electric stove. For a more modern look, a slide in electric range has a smooth top with the controls on the front of the appliance.

Features on electric ranges

The latest electric ranges have great features designed to make cooking easy. Some models have Wi-Fi built in so you can turn your oven off and on remotely via your smartphone. You can find electric stoves with warming drawers to keep dinner warm until you’re ready to eat it. There are also features like child locks to prevent children from accessing the controls, sabbath mode to keep food warm for the entirety of the sabbath, and self-cleaning mode so your oven is always clean.