Fireplace TV Stands

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Add style and warmth to any room with a fireplace TV stand

Nothing adds style and warmth to a room more than a fireplace, and you can bring home a cozy fireplace and add storage to your room with a modern fireplace TV stand. You’ll enjoy a warm, crackling fire without going to the expense of installing a built-in fireplace, and you’ll enjoy a spot where your TV will be safely supported.

Benefits of fireplace TV stands

Whether you own or rent a home, a fireplace TV stand gives you two pieces of furniture in one. If you live in a small home it can be hard to fit all of your favourite furniture and different devices in one room. When space is an issue, an artificial fireplace tv stand is always a great choice.

An entertainment unit with fireplace becomes the focal point of a room that’s plain or lacks style, and choosing this type of furniture is an easy way to warm up the space if you’re living in a rental because you can just plug the fireplace in and enjoy extra warmth.

Types and features of fireplace TV stands

You can choose from different types of fireplace TV stand. The fireplace itself can be fueled by natural gas or electricity, and they are designed in different sizes and styles. Electric fireplace TV stands will emit heat and you’ll find many types have a dial or remote control that lets you turn the heat up or down.

There are different lengths of fireplace TV stands to fit different sizes of TV, and you can also choose a corner fireplace TV stand that tucks neatly into a corner. They are available in different colours too. You can choose a white fireplace TV stand or a black fireplace TV stand to match a modern living room. There are also different stands designed for small and large rooms, and you can find also find a bedroom fireplace TV stand that will fit neatly in the corner of a cozy bedroom.

There are freestanding electric fireplace TV stands to match the size of your TV. For example, if you have a 65 inch TV, you can choose a 65 inch tv stand with fireplace. It’s not a problem to find a fireplace TV stand for really large TVs in 75 inch and 80 inch sizes either. You can choose the best type of 75 inch TV stand with fireplace or 80 inch TV stand with fireplace to suit your home.

One of the best parts of a TV console with fireplace is how it offers you the perfect spot to place your TV, but you also get the benefit of having extra storage. Some fireplace TV stands offer storage drawers and doors where you can place media streamers, cable boxes, and gaming consoles.

Choose a fireplace TV stand from your favourite brand

There are many different brands you can choose from when searching for your own fireplace TV stand. They are available in farmhouse, modern, and classic styles from brands like Walker Edison, Muskoka, and Pemberly Row. Depending on your storage needs, you may choose an open fireplace TV stand with cubbies instead of doors from a brand like Winmoor Home. If you’d rather have a more modern fireplace TV stand with LED lights, brands like Amerihome are a great choice.

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