Foldable Electric Bikes

Take your electric bike anywhere.

Save space with foldable electric bikes that are easy to transport and easy to store.
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Save space and go places with a foldable electric bike

An electric bike is a great investment for exercise, fun, and reducing emissions; and with a folding electric bike, you can easily take it with you.

What is a foldable ebike?

An electric bike is a standard bicycle that has a motor that can help propel you forward when you need an extra boost. This might be when you're traveling long distances, want to scale steep hills, or if you simply don't have the endurance to ride without a bit of assistance. A foldable ebike is an electric bike that can neatly fold flat for easy transport and storage.

Foldables ebikes are typically city commuter types, ideal for casual, recreational city riding and moderate exercise. These are usually, though not always, step-through models with low frames for easily mounting and dismounting them.

Foldable ebikes also come in cruiser options, better for longer rides when you want to go faster and get further in a shorter period of time. Typically, they fold down flat for reduced height and have latches to keep everything securely together until you are ready to ride again.

The advantages of getting a foldable ebike

A foldable electric bike can pop into a trunk to take with you to a campsite, cottage, or on a road trip. You can easily carry the bike if you need to walk through an area where riding isn't permitted or want to take it inside somewhere for safekeeping.

A foldable ebike is also ideal if you have limited storage space for the off-season or when it isn't in use. Fold the bike up and tuck it into a corner of the garage, shed, or closet, or hang it up on the wall so it's out of the way.

Since foldable electric bikes can be transported without the need for bicycle racks, you'll be more likely to bring one along. This will encourage you to get more exercise, using the bike instead of a car for errands or traveling short distances. This, in turn, helps reduce fossil fuels and road congestion.

Everything you can do with a foldable ebike

Travel more easily with an electric bike, even on public transportation (where permitted) without awkwardly taking up as much room. Take a bus or train to a specific trail to go on a nice, long ride without having to awkwardly wheel it into the narrow aisle to get there and back.

Foldable electric bikes won't take up as much room in a small apartment or home, nor in a garage, shed, or other space. Because they fold up, you have more storage options.

If you have a large family and vehicle, having the best foldable electric bikes might also make it easy to bring everyone's bike along for a trip without needing more bicycle racks, or any at all. Everyone will be inspired to get exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. Foldable ebikes come in a range of sizes and styles to suit every type of rider, from adults to older kids.