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How to get the best deal on appliances 

To secure the best deals on appliances at Best Buy, scour the website leading up to Boxing Day and compare. From on sale to microwaves, refrigerators, , and more, the options are endless. 

If you’re adding a new appliance to your home for the first time, like an air fryer or Instant Pot, or upgrading an old, inefficient appliance, like a refrigerator, washing machine, or dishwasher, Best Buy’s sales have you covered. 

Check the savings amount, compare pricing, and read reviews to find the best options. Keep an eye out for limited time deals and deals in limited quantities. Make sure to order before an offer expires or inventory runs out to get the best deals on appliances. 

There are tons of appliances on sale right now at Best Buy store near you and at Best Buy online, with products in every category. Invest in a new small appliance for your kitchen, or upgrade from an old one, like a mixer, coffee machine, air fryer, convection toaster oven, microwave, pressure cooker, electric kettle, or toaster. There are plenty of sales on major kitchen appliance, too, for items like refrigerators, chest freezers, and dishwashers. 

Beyond the kitchen, you can save big on appliances like portable and window air conditioners, vacuums (yes, even of the robot kind!), dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and more. There are even sales on washers and dryers if you're looking to replace an old, inefficient one. 

Appliances range from sleek and stylish stainless steel to modern hues like black and red and more classic and traditional looks like white. You'll see deals on all of the major brands, too. 

Where can you use these sale appliances in your home?

The appliances on sale include items you can use in many rooms of the home. There are plenty of sales on items specifically for the kitchen, whether you're looking to buy into a totally new category, like an air fryer, convection toaster oven, blender, or soda maker, or upgrade old major appliances, like a refrigerator that isn't running like it used to.

Lots of items would be great for the home office as well, from single-serve coffee machines to small-space air purifiers, personal fans, and cordless stick vacuums to keep your workspace clean.

For the basement or bar area, there are items like chest freezers, ice makers, cool retro style mini fridges, blenders for lunchtime smoothies, and more.

How do you decide which appliances on sale to choose?

Browse your local appliance sales to find items that might have been on your "cool to buy" or "must buy" radar to find great deals that make it worth it to pull the trigger and head to the checkout.

In some cases, it might be an appliance that you have needed to replace anyway, but in others, it could be an item that you have really wanted to get. A robot vacuum, for example, or an air fryer can truly be life changing.

Consider your budget and how great the sale is, then decide from there. You'll find some of the best appliance sales happening, so there's likely something you want to take advantage of, whether it's a need-to-have or want-to-have item. If you can save some money in the process, it's totally worth it.