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Introducing the New iPad Pro

Discover the new iPad Pro, which surpasses its predecessors in design and functionality. Its ultra-sleek profile marks it as the thinnest iPad ever, making it incredibly portable without sacrificing screen size or quality.

Experience the Power and Efficiency of the M4 Chip

Powered by the Apple M4 chip, this iPad Pro offers up to 40% faster performance than older models, ensuring smooth multitasking and high-speed processing. Designed specifically for high-demand tasks, this chip accelerates operations and enhances graphics rendering, making it ideal for professional applications like video editing, 3D modeling, and augmented reality. It integrates advanced machine learning capabilities that can power AI applications more effectively. The M4 chip also improves energy efficiency, ensuring longer battery life even under intense workloads. This makes the new iPad Pro not only faster but also more capable of handling complex tasks without compromising on battery life.

What’s on display

The Ultra Retina XDR display delivers exceptional detail with a 120Hz ProMotion feature, perfect for ultra-smooth scrolling and graphics. This makes it ideal for video editors, gamers, and anyone who values precision in their visual experience. Enhanced with new sensor and lens technology, the camera system on the new iPad Pro offers improved photo and video quality.

The camera system has seen a significant upgrade with a new 12MP ultra-wide front camera and a 10MP rear camera, supporting 4K video recording and advanced AR capabilities. These improvements cater to professionals looking for high-quality imaging solutions. Additionally, the LiDAR Scanner provides incredible depth-sensing capabilities, which enhances applications in AR and helps capture stunning photos even in low light conditions.

Creativity Unleashed with Apple Pencil Pro

The Apple Pencil Pro has been redesigned for even greater responsiveness and precision. With zero detectable latency and tilt and pressure sensitivity, it mimics the natural feel of writing and drawing, offering a seamless transition from paper to digital. The new hover feature allows users to see a preview of their mark before making it, which enhances accuracy in sketching and note-taking.

Redesigned Magic Keyboard

The redesigned Magic Keyboard features a new layout with a trackpad, backlit keys, and a floating cantilever design, allowing adjustable angles for comfortable viewing and interaction. This enhancement transforms the iPad Pro into a versatile workstation, ideal for those who use their tablet as a primary device for writing, drawing, or computing. The trackpad brings a whole new level of utility, supporting multi-touch gestures and making it easier to navigate through apps and projects.

Why Upgrade?

With these technological advancements, the new iPad Pro offers significant upgrades over previous models. It provides a faster, more responsive user experience, superior display technology, enhanced creative tools, and a camera system that rivals dedicated devices. This makes the new iPad Pro a compelling choice for tech enthusiasts and professionals looking to enhance their productivity and creativity.

There are plenty of accessories available to work with the iPad Pro, and with sizes staying the same, it means many current products fit right in. Try it with a keyboard to turn it into a productivity device. Place it on a stand or prop it up to use Apple’s Sidecar and treat it as a second screen with your Mac.