Queen Mattresses

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A mattress fit for a queen

Who should get a queen-sized mattress?

Queen-sized mattresses are the most popular size of mattress, essentially serving as the Goldilocks of the bunch. While King and California king sized mattresses might be too big for some rooms, and full/double sized mattresses might be too small to accommodate a couple or more than one child, queen sized mattresses fit just right.

The size of a queen mattress is 80 x 60 inches (152.5 x 203 cm), 5 inches wider and longer than a double/full mattress and the same length as a king (though you lose about 16 inches in width.) This makes queen mattresses ideal for couples, singles, older kids, or guest rooms that are big enough to accommodate them.

They are also a popular size for air mattresses, which are used for sleepover guests, camping, and other events.

Deciding on the right queen mattress

Once you have decided to go with a queen mattress, there are other factors to consider. First is material, like memory foam, gel memory foam, soy foam, or bamboo. Coil mattresses are best for those who toss and turn at night, while memory foam will help you fall into a deep slumber. Gel memory foam has particular advantages for those who sweat a lot as it absorbs moisture and helps prevent odours.

If you sleep on your side, or if you're a light sleeper who is easily awoken in the middle of the night, go for soft firmness. If you tend to sleep on your back or stomach, however, or need extra back support, the firmer, the better.

Not surprisingly, medium firm is the most popular firmness that will suit most people. But consider the pros and cons of each type of firmness and material before making a final decision.

Other things to consider with a queen mattress

Some queen mattresses are hypoallergenic, important for those with allergies or sensitive skin, and others even antimicrobial. For back troubles, look into an orthopedic mattress. Thickness can range from as thin as 6.5-inches, good for occasional use or travel, to as thick as 13 inches for tons of support. Thinner mattresses are best if you're using a box spring.

Along with a bed frame, don't forget a nice set of sheets and pillows; maybe even a duvet and duvet cover. It's also a good idea to get a mattress cover/topper, especially handy if the queen mattress will be for a child who might be prone to spills or bedtime accidents. These fit directly over the mattress and under the fitted sheet to add an extra layer of protection and help prolong the life of the mattress.

Because queen mattresses are the most popular size, you can find plenty of products to use with them, like heated covers that keep you toasty warm during the frigid winter months.

Find the best option for you with guidance from the mattress buying guide or browse mattresses on sale.