Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

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Wear OS comes to Samsung’s classic style

What to expect with the Galaxy Watch4 Classic

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic sticks to Samsung’s design philosophy for its smartwatches, maintaining an ethos of modern technology and contemporary styling. In keeping with that mantra, Samsung made some changes to ensure this iteration of the Galaxy Watch stands out even more.

That includes the same sophisticated look that comes with stainless steel materials and the Ridge Sport Band, a comfortable band made of a fluoroelastomer material that maintains its durability and resists sweat every time you get active. The watch comes in two sizes, 42mm and 46mm, offering a choice that can accommodate a wide range of wrists. The lugs are such that you can also attach different bands to match any occasion.

This watch (along with the Galaxy Watch4) is one of the first Samsung smartwatches to support Google’s Wear OS, a mobile operating system designed purely for smartwatches. The Galaxy Watch4 Classic retains Samsung’s traditional interface from its previous smartwatches, keeping things familiar for those who previously used a Galaxy Watch, and staying user-friendly for those who are new a smartwatch from Samsung.

How is the Galaxy Watch4 Classic different?

What puts the “classic” in the Galaxy Watch4 Classic is the physical rotating bezel. This useful navigation tool truly simplifies how to get around the watch’s features and controls. It is different from the Galaxy Watch4, which is a more activity-focused watch featuring a touch-sensitive bezel ringing around the watch face.

New health features headline the Galaxy Watch4 Classic’s use cases. It is the first of its kind to measure body composition, meaning it will get a read on your body fat percentage, fat mass, skeletal muscle and body water. The watch collects all that information to provide you a holistic view of where you stand on achieving your health and fitness goals.

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic is capable of recognizing up to six popular workouts, though you can manually track up to 90 of them. The list is extensive, and ideal for both active and casual workouts at the gym, home or outdoors. You can even take part in Group Challenges with friends and family to make it just a little more competitive.

The holistic approach also extends to sleep, where an SpO2 sensor measures your blood oxygen levels during your slumber, and listens for snoring in case that comes into play. When you download an app your Galaxy smartphone, the Wear OS version automatically downloads to your watch as well, keeping everything in sync.

Who is the Galaxy Watch4 Classic for?

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic is a smartwatch built to work with Android. Its features fit with the popular mobile operating system, and there’s plenty of room to grow with both the app selection and overall functionality to keep on improving. You can wear it on your wrist as a nice accessory or while putting in the work to achieve a goal.

You can make or take phone calls directly from the watch. Respond to messages, control music playback, hail a ride-share vehicle, and much more. There are standard Wi-Fi and LTE variants available to keep you connected on your terms. You can always try Google Assistant if there’s something you to know or find for yourself.

Samsung sticks to its classic roots with this smartwatch, offering it in both black and silver.

It comes in multiple colours, including mystic silver and mystic bronze for the 41mm, and mystic black and mystic silver for the 45mm size. There are various types of bands in different materials to personalize the watch to your taste.

and modern is one of Samsung’s premium smartwatches, coming in two sizes: 41mm and 45mm. It comes equipped with a number of features, some of which are new additions to enhance the device’s functionality and purpose.

There is built-in GPS and an optical heart rate monitor for improved tracking. The new pulse oximeter (SpO2) measures VO2 Max, or blood oxygen levels whenever you want it to. It can also do it passively while you rest, collecting the data on the Samsung Health app. Sleep tracking also gets a boost with improved tracking and a sleep score for each night, with a viewable tally available on Samsung Health.

The electrocardiogram (ECG) is capable of measuring the heart’s electrical activity to look for atrial fibrillation or arrythmia, like an irregular heartbeat. The feature is subject to approval from Health Canada, so will not be functional until such time that it gets clearance.

Another safety feature is trip detection, where the Galaxy Watch3’s accelerometer can sense when you’ve fallen. Up to four applied contact can receive custom text message alerts when that happens, increasing the chances of helping, if necessary. It can be really useful for seniors living alone, or runners and hikers out on their own.

The watch integrates with select Samsung TVs to facilitate workouts at home. When you choose a workout on the Galaxy Watch3, you can follow it on the TV screen. There are up to 120 workout videos to choose from.