Samsung Laundry Pairs

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Make laundry easier with Samsung washer and dryers

You have a lot of options when choosing a washer and dryer, but there are quite a few reasons why a Samsung washer and dryer is the best choice. You can upgrade your existing machine to a Samsung washing machine, upgrade your existing dryer to a Samsung dryer, or choose a Samsung washer and dryer as a pair. If you’re tight on space, you can add a Samsung stacking kit and save space while still enjoying a full size laundry pair.

Choose a high efficiency Samsung washer

When you bring home a Samsung washing machine, you’re bringing home an appliance that will stand up to load after load of laundry. There are several models of Samsung front load washer and Samsung top load washer, and one of the best ways to choose between the two is by looking at capacity. You can find a small 2.0 cubic foot Samsung front load washer that’s the perfect size for a couple or a 6.0 cubic foot family-size Samsung washer that can stand up to family-sized loads of laundry.

Each type has unique features to make it easier than ever to wash your clothes. Samsung top load washers have an ActiveWave agitator for smooth spinning and some types offer Extra High Water Level so you can soak large loads. Samsung front-load washers have speedy spin cycles so they can extract more water from your clothes to reduce drying times. Some models also have noise reduction technology so you can do laundry 24/7 without disturbing others.

Fluff every towel with a Samsung dryer

Even if you don’t have a Samsung washer, you can still upgrade or replace your existing dryer with a Samsung dryer. Samsung dryers have features including steam sanitize+ and multi-steam technology so they can dry and sanitize your clothes. Some Samsung dryers have Wi-Fi so you start the dryer from your smartphone or download new dryer cycles to increase the efficiency of your dryer. Samsung dryers also have lint filter alerts so you always know when to empty your lint filter.

Samsung Bespoke washer and dryers

When you want to add a splash of style to your laundry room, all you need is a Samsung Bespoke washer and dryer. You can mix and match premium colours including navy steel, black stainless steel, and silver steel, and Samsung laundry pairs are available as a stackable washer and dryer, side-by-side, and side-by-side with pedestals. Whether you choose a washer, a dryer, or a washer dryer pair, the Bespoke Samsung lineup will give you AI features including AI Optiwash and AI Optidry to determine the ideal cycle for washing and drying your clothes. They also have Super Speed Wash and Dry for cycles that finish in under an hour.

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