NHL 18

Sixteen wins. It's what you'll need in order to hoist the Cup in NHL 18 for PlayStation 4. Go head-to-head against your favourite players and teams as you guide your team to the ultimate prize in this latest installment of the franchise.

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Release date

September 15, 2017


EA Sports


EA Canada


PS4, Xbox One

NHL 18

By Jon Scarr

Hockey fans, are you ready for the ultimate NHL experience? EA’s NHL 18 is just around the corner and from what I have seen, it represents a major step forward for the franchise that hockey fans, like you and I, will love.

I am excited about NHL 18’s new game modes, deeper customization, improved presentation, better A.I., and gameplay enhancements. There will also be a large variety of modes at your fingertips. I can’t wait to get my hands on what is destined to be EA Canada’s best outing yet.

Revamped gameplay

Practically every piece of gameplay for NHL 18 has been refined and improved from skating, to shooting, to passing, to puck pickups. I’m happy to say, the end result is a hockey game that is tighter and more responsive than previous entries in the franchise.

Gameplay is so real, it’s like you are playing on an NHL team in real life! I love the fact that you can push opposing players from shooting lanes, lift sticks, and tie up your opponent’s body to ensure that the puck gets to the net. Just like in a real-world NHL game, your teammates now take greater risks and are more aggressive when the time calls for it.

EA Canada left no stone unturned, completing the true NHL experience, Goalies in NHL 18 are virtual replicas of their real-life counterparts. Goalies in NHL 18 react exactly as they would in a real NHL game right down to post-goal reactions. It is totally awesome, and you won’t believe how life-like the players really are!

A highly realistic-looking game

Each year EA Canada manages to improve the visuals on what is already a great looking game. NHL 18 once again ups the ante. With more noticeable improvements over previous years, including more authentic arenas, life-like jersey textures, more realistic player likenesses, and a crisper sheen to the ice that make this already highly realistic-looking sports game look even more so.

NHL 18 launches this fall on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you are a hockey fan, you won’t want to miss NHL 18—I can honestly say it’s the best installment that the series has seen thus far.

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