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Whether you’re heading back to class this fall or you’re a busy mom with backpacks to fill, back to school shopping doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. When you shop Best Buy for back to school you get the best deals and a one-stop shop for every student. Even better? Shopping for school supplies on Best Buy is quick and stress-free.

Shop our back to school sale for laptops and other tech, backpacks for school, and dorm room furniture.

Best laptops for students

Choosing a laptop is one of the most important decisions a student can make when heading back to school. Your laptop will be used for everything from note-taking in class to late night essay-writing sessions. When it’s time to ditch the books and relax, your laptop will also double as your go-to entertainment, gaming, and web surfing portal.

Three must-haves when choosing laptops for students

Laptops for students should have a speedy processor and enough RAM to keep up with your daily tasks, built-in apps and programs to enhance your productivity, and an extra-long battery life so you don’t have to worry about plugging in.

If a laptop is out of your budget, a tablet is the next best thing. With productivity apps on board, long battery life, and a lightweight, ultra-portable design, tablets are a must-have for back to school. You can connect your tablet to a wireless keyboard to tackle assignments big and small, it can store all of your digital textbooks, and it will keep you up with your social networks while you’re buried under books.

Accessorize your laptop with cables and cases

The best laptops for students will also have the right accessories. Software like Microsoft Office Suite will organize your thoughts, keep track of expenses, and help you build presentations. Antivirus programs will keep your laptop free of spyware and viruses, HDMI and other connecting cables will give you quick hookups to your dorm TV, and cases and sleeves will protect your laptop from scratches and crashes.

Music soothes the stressed student

Whether you choose a laptop or tablet, adding a set of portable speakers or a set of headphones will help you get through study sessions. You can stream study music or white noise to help you study, sleep, or block out the sounds around you, or just kick back with friends and your favourite playlist.

Backpacks for school are tech-friendly, trendy, and stylish

The best backpacks for school are durable, lightweight, and have compartments to store your books, tech, and other school supplies. If you’re a university student you’ll want to look for a backpack with laptop or tablet holder, a spot for your cables, and an area to hold your power bank so you can charge your phone while you’re carrying it. You can even find waterproof backpacks to protect your tech and books while out in the rain or snow, and there’s also anti-theft backpacks to protect your tech when you’re on the go.

The best backpacks for school are trendy, stylish, and ready to store everything you need for a busy school day. Best Buy has a large selection of school bags for college students, kids, and more.

Deck out the dorm with table lamps, dorm furniture, and small appliances

It’s a new school year, and the first thing you’ll want to do as you head back to school is set up your dorm room. You can outfit you space with office furniture including desks, desk lamps, and an office chair. When you’re hungry you’ll love using your own small appliances including a mini-fridge, toaster oven, microwave, and coffee maker.

A comfortable bed and bedding will ensure you always get a restful sleep at night, and bedside lamps or reading lights make it easy to study before dozing off. You’ll also want a room organizer to store everything from books to framed photos and other items you’ve brought from home.

Geek Squad offers tech support for students

Living the student life can be stressful. While the stress that comes from multiple assignments and test is inevitable, you don’t have to deal with the stress of a broken laptop or other tech issues. When tech issues come up, Geek Squad will be a helping hand with advice and device protection for every student.

Whether your computer has a virus, your storage has reached capacity, or your phone has a cracked screen, Geek Squad will be there to advise you on what to do and can quickly repair your device. With Geek Squad support you’ll never have to worry about your tech, and that will keep you at the top of your game this school year.

Score deals on the latest tech for back to school

You can save money on tech for back to school by shopping Best Buy’s on sale and deals pages. Whether you’re a student on a tight budget, a teacher who wants to bring new tech to the classroom, or you just want to score a great deal on the new tech, there’s something on sale for everyone. If you need a new laptop you can find deals on Windows laptops, Apple Macbook including Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, and Chromebooks. You’ll also find other tech on sale including tablets and iPad mini, computer monitors, Airpods, and computer accessories including keyboards, mice, and more.

Back to school outlet deals

Back to school shoppers can score huge savings when they shop the Best Buy outlet. There are new items added every week including laptops and Macbooks, tablets and iPads, computer monitors, headphones, and more. There are also outlet deals on cell phones and wearable technology like smart watches and fitness trackers.

Upgrade to the latest tech

Upgrading to the latest tech devices means you always have cutting edge technology to help you with work, school, or day to day life. The latest computer monitors and TVs have the speed and power to smoothly transition between work and gaming. The latest smart phones give you better cameras and more storage for photos or apps. If you love picking up the latest tech products right when they are released or you’re always watching for new pre-orders, you have to check out the latest tech page at Best Buy. You’ll find just released devices or tech that’s available for pre-order, and if you check in often you may even find a deal on a device you’ve been wanting to bring home.

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