Best Buy Mobile Friends and Family Sale

The Friends and Family Sale is over.

But the savings continue with our hottest deals on your favourite cell phones, plans and accessories.

Friends & Family Sale Frequently Asked Questions

Who can save at our Friends & Family Sale?

Everyone is part of our Friends and Family Sale! We’ll set you up with the best plans, phones, and prices.

How do I get these deals?

Come into any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store from June 10-16 to get the hottest deals on the latest smartphones and accessories. Starting June 8, you can preview the hottest deals. 

Can I upgrade my phone early?

You can usually upgrade your phone up to 6 months before your 2-year contract ends. If you’re on a contract, you’ll have to pay off your existing phone’s balance when you activate a new plan. Head to any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile store and we can do an upgrade check for you.