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How to choose or create a winning gaming PC

Choosing a gaming PC is a big deal. Ask someone in the gaming community which brand is best and they’ll have 10 reasons why an Alienware PC is best for gaming, or a dozen reasons why an ASUS ROG PC is best for gaming. However, everyone has their favourites and the reality is there are many factors to consider besides brand.

The first choice is desktop or laptop. Most gamers go for a desktop because it offers more power and easier upgradability. But if you want compact and mobile, advances like Nvidia’s Max-Q technology have made gaming laptops more capable than ever.

Once you’ve decided on a form factor, narrow down your choice for a gaming PC by what you need it to do. Are you interested in VR headsets? 4K gaming? There are specific graphics cards for PC games, CPU requirements and networking options to consider. The technical requirements of the PC games you want to play will help you to make the right choice.

Building your own PC gaming rig

Sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be a computer that offers exactly what you want. This is when you might want to build your own gaming PC.

PC gaming builds can be challenging projects, but they are extremely rewarding. Best Buy has all the PC gaming parts you will need. Mother boards, power supplies, the latest graphics cards and processors, SSDs, drives, RAM, and even gaming cases for PC are always in stock. With a customized gaming PC, you will have a machine built to your exact specifications and a sense of accomplishment.

Next level gaming: accessorize!

The most powerful gaming system gets even better with PC accessories for gaming. Add a gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse for a serious competitive advantage, including access to time-saving macros for common actions, and LED lighting. PC gaming with a controller makes the experience of playing arcade games more authentic and adds a new level of realism to simulation games. With the right controller, you can play Xbox games on PC, opening up a library with hundreds of titles. Gaming PC monitors let you choose the size of your visual experience, from small enough to fit on a desktop to wall-mounted 4K monsters.

Audio is a big part of the gaming scene and a headset for PC gaming is the best way to enjoy it. There are headsets that fit any budget, from basic stereo to 7.1 surround audio. An integrated microphone ensures you are always in communication with your online team. Pick a headset that’s comfortable, then experience gaming on another level. Gaming chairs for PC offer the ergonomic support for gaming sessions that can last for hours.

Find the newest, hottest PC games

Best Buy carries all the hottest AAA gaming software for PC. Whether you prefer physical copies or digital download you’re covered. Don’t want to miss a second of play when a new game comes out? Pre-order and you get your copy of the best game on PC of the year the moment it hits the shelves. And if DLC is your thing, pre-paid game cards are the easiest way to upgrade your games for PC.