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Everything you need for PC gaming

PC gaming is more impressive today than ever thanks to advancements in graphics and performance. Before you get started, however, you need a good gaming PC. Beyond brand reputation, there are a lot of factors to consider making sure you have the perfect PC gaming set-up for you. First, decide between desktop or laptop. Most gamers go for a desktop because it offers more power and easier upgradability. But if you want compact and mobile, today’s gaming laptops are more capable than ever. 

Some gamers prefer to build their own PC gaming rig, in which case, you can look into the various PC gaming parts Best Buy has to offer, from mother boards to power supplies, the latest graphics cards and processors, SSDs, drives, RAM, and even gaming cases for PC. With a customized gaming PC, you can build the machine to your exact specifications, not to mention feel a sense of accomplishment for having built it yourself.

Speaking of specifications, you’ll need to confirm that the PC you have your eye on (or want to build) meets all the necessary specifications for the games you want to play. Look at species like a powerful GPU, fast processor, crisp graphics, and ample memory. Don’t forget a solid monitor to go with it that boasts features like 4K resolution, widescreen design, and fast response time and refresh rate to prevent lag. A good rule of thumb is to always pay a bit extra for more than what you think you might need, which will futureproof the investment.

Next level gaming: accessorize!

Then, it’s time to consider accessories, including PC gaming controllers, which might include gaming keyboards, gamepads, joysticks, or even wheels and flight controllers for certain games.

Are you interested in VR headsets? 4K gaming? If the gaming PC you choose or build supports it with the right graphics cards, CPU requirements, and networking options, you can look into exciting accessories in these spaces as well. 

Add a gaming keyboard and a gaming mouse for a serious competitive advantage, including access to time-saving macros for common actions, and LED lighting. PC gaming with a controller makes the experience more authentic and adds a new level of realism to simulation games. With the right controller, you can play Xbox games on PC, opening up a library with hundreds of titles. Gaming PC monitors let you choose the size of your visual experience, from small enough to fit on a desktop to wall-mounted 4K monsters. 

Audio is a big part of the equation as well and a headset for PC gaming is the best way to enjoy it. There are headsets that fit any budget, from basic stereo to 7.1 surround audio. An integrated microphone ensures you are always in communication with your online team. Pick a headset that’s comfortable, then experience gaming on another level. Gaming chairs offer the ergonomic support for gaming sessions that can last for hours, plus they look really cool. 

Find the newest, hottest PC games

Best Buy carries all the hottest gaming software for PC, with first-person shooter, adventure, puzzle, fantasy, car racing, sports, and other game types. You can choose from either physical copies to keep for posterity or digital downloads for a neat, clutter-free set-up.

The hottest, upcoming games are often available for pre-order so you can be among the first to get one and start playing. Pre-order and you get your copy of the best game on PC of the year the moment it hits the shelves.

If DLC is your thing, pre-paid game cards are the easiest way to upgrade your games for PC.