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What is Play at Best Buy?

Since 2020, Best Buy has continued the long tradition of celebrating gaming during the month of June with our Play at Best Buy event that celebrates all of the newly announced titles and hardware in one convenient place. E3 had been the largest and most important video game event of the year for over a decade! E3 was where developers, publishers, hardware and accessory manufacturers from around the world unveiled their latest games, accessories, and hardware for all to see.

How will gaming be celebrated this year?

We're still expecting game announcements to roll out this June. Many of the new game announcements will happen during the Summer Game Fest event which begins on June 7th. That event will be bigger than ever and likely include surprise reveals that we have come to expect at this time of year.

In addition, some game publishers will be hosting their own events in June. For example, Ubisoft Forward will return on June 10th live from LA and it will be streamed so we can all enjoy the presentation. Also, both PlayStation and Xbox are expected to hold a gaming showcase for their announcements in June.

As always, we will have a dedicated team to report on all the latest breaking news and information on the Best Buy Blog. Check back here for updates on all events and game releases.

Pre-order games and new game releases

June, and Play at Best Buy, will be an exciting time for gamers and you can pre-order all your favourite games announced during this time from XboxPlayStationNintendo, Capcom, Warner Bros. Games and more right here at Best Buy. By securing your pre-order, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you are guaranteed a launch copy of your favourite game.

Additionally, by pre-ordering, you’ll often get pre-order bonuses with your games such as game accessories, special outfits or even SteelBook cases. It’s a win-win situation!