Xbox Series X

Power Your Dreams.
Coming Holiday 2020.

Features that will make your current console jealous

Monolithic hardware design.
With a sleek, minimalist, jet-black tower that is only the width of an Xbox One controller, Xbox Series X has a tiny footprint that can be stored vertically or horizontally to compliment your home theatre décor.
Next generation speed and function.
Featuring processing power four times faster than Xbox One X, the new Xbox Series X operates cool and quiet as a ninja lying in wait to strike.
Supercharged gaming experience.
Insanely clear 4K visuals at 60 fps and almost no load-time waiting thanks to a GDDR6 memory. Plus, new ray tracing technology resulting in uber-realistic lighting and reflections.
A refined controller at your fingertips. You better hold on.
A classic controller layout with updates such as a new Share button to share your game highlights on social channels, a Hydrid D-pad to provide more accuracy, shoulder buttons with an increased angle, and textured triggers for improved grip.

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