Ghost Recon

By Brad Pajuluoma

For the first time in over a dozen games, this fan favourite hardcore tactical shooter is going open world, along with giving the series of fresh coat of cinematic awesomeness and a huge does of freedom. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is making a big return with its latest entry in the series, called Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands. With the biggest open world yet in a Ubisoft game, freedom of choice and that hardcore tactical action we have all come to love, this Ghost Recon is sure to be Ubisoft's next big hit! So let’s hope we have what it takes, to take on the cartel from behind enemy lines, because this new Ghost Recon looks to be one intense and awesome game..

A massive open world for us to explore

This huge region inspired by Bolivia in South America is Ubisoft’s largest open world map to date, and surviving it will be the ultimate test of your Ghost Recon abilities. Explore the mountains, rainforests, villages and landmarks in one of the many vehicles available to use in this new game. From the iconic salt flat to the infamous Death road, you will travel through this lush and expansive version of Bolivia South America. This huge map certainly looks like it will be amazing to explore in the iconic tactical shooter, alone or with up to 3 friends co-op.

Do we have what it takes to get this job done and put an end to the cartel?

In Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, it’s up to us to save this country in turmoil and put an end to the cartel that occupies it. While attempting to finish our ultimate mission, we will be faced with many critical and difficult choices. Will it be sabotage, interrogation, assassination, liberation or kidnapping, to achieve the objectives? These are but a few of the options available while we attempt to complete the mission. With numerous weapons and vehicles at our disposal, we will have tons of options when we take on the cartel, especially when playing co-op online with friends.

Freedom of choice is the name of the game

We will have to complete numerous mission objectives to complete our ultimate goal. However we will be able to engage in all the missions, in whatever order we want. As we complete mission objectives the world will react to our choices and actions. However we must be ever watchful, as unexpected opportunities and threats could appear at any time. We will have to learn to manipulate the system and ultimately, how to manipulate the unexpected, if we hope to survive the hardest and largest Ghost Recon game yet.

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