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Other Categories Return & Exchange Policy

Return Policy

Books, Magazines, and Copyright Materials

Not returnable 

Digital Downloads

Not returnable 

Intimate Products

Not returnable 

Pre-paid Cards

Not returnable 

Gift Cards

Not returnable 

Services, Deliveries & Installations

Not returnable 

Seasonal Holiday Goods

Return Period: 14 days
Condition: Opened

Safety Goods

Return Period: 30 days
Condition: Unopened

How to Return 

Return In-Store

You can return items bought in-store or online (excluding Best Buy Marketplace products).

What to bring in-store: 

  • Your original receipt 
  • Original method of payment 
  • Original packaging 
  • Valid photo ID

Return by Mail

You can return items bought online by mailing them back to us. Just request a return label.

How to request a return label:


  1. Find your order.
  2. Select “Start a Return” and contact us.