What do refurbished, refreshed and recertified mean?

A refurbished, refreshed or recertified item found on BestBuy.ca is a product that has been returned, repaired and/or tested as necessary, and restocked for sale at a lower-than-retail price. Products that are returned to either Best Buy or the original manufacturer are sent to a facility where they are repaired (if needed) tested, repackaged, and sent back to our store or put online for sale at a lower-than-retail price. A refurbished item is something that (but is not limited to):

  • had a cosmetic defect such as a scratch, blemish, or dent
  • did not work to customer’s expectations
  • was of older or used stock that was restored and tested

Why buy refurbished?
A refurbished product can offer a lot of value. In many cases, it allows you to purchase a higher-end product at a significantly lower price point. And because these items are thoroughly tested to meet standard, as-new benchmarks, they are designed to perform just as well as a new item.

What can I do to protect my investment?
A refurbished item usually comes with a shortened manufacturer’s warranty. However, purchasing Best Buy’s Performance Service Plan offers the same protection against malfunctioning components or defective items as it does for regularly-priced new items, giving you the best of both worlds – a lower price and full protection. To read more about Best Buy’s Performance Service Plan, click here.

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