Partsmaster 6 ft. Washer Hoses & Dryer Duct Kit

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Get the parts you need to install you washer and dryer with this PartsMaster bundle. It includes a PartsMaster dyer duct designed for dryer ventilation and a pair of PartsMaster washer hoses featuring an automatic shut-off mechanism to help prevent flooding.

Bundle Overview

Here's what you'll get:
  1. Partsmaster Dryer Duct (PMFX0456-MC)

  2. Partsmaster 6 ft. Washer Hoses (PMWSS-6) - 2 Pack

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    from Calgary on April 25, 2019

    I had an automatic pop-up telling me that this package was recommended for my washer and dryer and threatened that other hoses could compromise my machine. Well this hose broke my brand new whirlpool washer in one week because it leaked on both ends and corroded my entire washer machine. Whirlpool told me my warranty was voided because this isn’t one of their listed hoses for the warranty. Both whirlpool and bestbuy reneged on fixing my washer until I complained for 2 weeks until Best Buy eventually honored an exchange. Quite a miserable experience. Save yourself the trouble and buy named brand hoses. The Best Buy hose hardly had a seal inside at all, while whirlpool had a thick high quality seal. Best Buy took the hose back with the exchange of the damaged washer without refunding me for it.

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