4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet - White

Model Number: 4MS-2000914
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4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet - White


Gently lull your baby to sleep in the 4moms mamaRoo sleep bassinet. Its five unique settings mimic a parent's natural motions to soothe your little one with swaying and bouncing. The bassinet is also equipped with four white noise options for a multi-sensory calming experience. All of its features can be conveniently adjusted from the 4moms companion app.
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Gently lull your baby to sleep in the 4moms mamaRoo sleep bassinet. Its five unique settings mimic a parent's natural motions to soothe your little one with swaying and bouncing. The bassinet is also equipped with four white noise options for a multi-sensory calming experience. All of its features can be conveniently adjusted from the 4moms companion app.

  • Recommended for babies weighing up to 11.34kg, or until they can push up on their hands or knees, whichever comes first
  • Five motions--car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock a bye, and wave--use gentle swaying and bouncing to keep your baby feeling calm and secure
  • Five speed options allow you to customize the intensity of the motions
  • Four white noise options--ocean, fan, shh, and rain--further soothe babies with calming sounds
  • Built-in timer makes it easy to establish consistent bedtime routines
  • Firm water-resistant mattress provides a flat sleep surface
  • Height adjustment and mesh sides help to ensure a safe sleep environment
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to control all the bassinet's features right from your smartphone using the 4moms app
  • Includes one grey crosshatch sheet
  • Clean white finish blends effortlessly with any nursery décor
  • Wipes clean with a damp cloth for easy-care convenience
  • Dimensions: Width: 86.36cm; height: 99.06cm; depth: 60.96cmq
Crib Type
Converts to Toddler Bed
Converts to Daybed
Converts to Full Size Bed
Changing Station

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Under Crib Storage
Number of Shelves
Number of Drawers
Mattress Included?
Adjustable Mattress Level
Weight Capacity
11.34 kg
Country of Origin


86.36 cm
99.06 cm
60.96 cm
15.75 kg
Care Instructions
Wipe Down with Damp Cloth
  • Bassinet and Frame
  • Power Cord
  • Mattress
  • Dark Grey Sheet

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  • Absolutley loved!
    Reviewed by Brittanyt - January 23, 2020

    Absolutely love this bassinet. (Used with my month old son) I liked the mesh on the side because I could look at my son without having to get up every 5 minute. Which is also why I liked that I could change the speed&sound from the app. My sons favorite speed was the tree swing. Right when I put him down we would put the speed up high and once I knew he was fully asleep I would move it down. The one thing I did not like was how loud the sound was. I normally kept it at a 1 (out of 4) because if I moved it up any higher it was extremly too loud near my babies ear. I was given this bassinet to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel.

    Review originally posted on 4moms.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Fantastic motion options but too large overall
    Reviewed by lubelia - January 24, 2020

    Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel, I was given the mamaRoo sleep bassinet to try out on my baby son when he was five weeks old. We tried it out night and day for two weeks, and ultimately liked it best for daytime naps. It was super easy to assemble--though take care when snapping in the bars that expand and support the mesh bassinet top. After assembling, we were surprised how large it is, and for our situation it proved too large. I had hoped to have it bedside but it took up too much floor space and we used it on the other side of our bedroom. In terms of operating the functions (motion, sound) during the night, having the bassinet away from your bedside is not a problem, as you can download an app for the bassinet and connect your phone via Bluetooth to the bassinet to operate from a distance. And you can set a timer for the functions, which is probably the best feature of the app--and honestly, the only reason I think the app is necessary. For our situation, the bassinet's best feature is its fantastic motion options. There are five motions in all, my son's favorite seemingly the "kangaroo" motion, with a close second the "tree swing." And you can adjust the speed of the motion, so if your baby is particularly upset about going to bed, try and speed it up. The higher speed distracted him enough to calm him down. It also offers four sounds. We used these infrequently, as he doesn't need white noise to sleep. However, the rain and ocean-wave sounds are quite pleasant, and you can adjust the volume from very faint to super loud to drown out pretty much all other ambient noise. The bassinet also has a vibration feature, which was our absolute favorite function until it started making a really loud buzzing sound after about five days' use. Could just be a glitch with our particular model, or perhaps an issue with how we assembled, but super irritating nonetheless. Something to watch out for if you purchase this bassinet. The sides of the bassinet are made of mesh—a safety feature, though also great for visibility. During the day, I place my son in the bassinet for naps and while he's falling asleep or after he wakes he can see me through the mesh, which makes him coo. He also likes to touch/scratch the mesh texture. The mat inside the bassinet is very thin but dense enough to provide (surprisingly) enough cushion. It comes with an attractive charcoal-colored cover, too, which washes up easily. The bassinet also has a storage basket underneath, which is awesome for storing burp rags or diapers, if you do bedside diaper changes. Overall, I would recommend this bassinet for those looking for a sleep solution for fussy babies who respond well to swings or car drives and just need extra motion. I can't speak for how well the sounds work to help baby sleep--as my son sleeps fine in silence--but I would also recommend this product for the vibration feature, which soothes my son immediately. Beware the size of this product, though, and measure your space carefully before purchasing. Best for spacious rooms!

    Review originally posted on 4moms.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • The Best In Motion Bassinet
    Reviewed by Anonymous reviewer - January 23, 2020

    Right out of the box the bassinet is very sleek, extremely modern looking and classy. It fits in with any nursery theme, or bedroom and looks so high tech while still having a simple design! It was very easy to assemble, my husband held the bassinet while I attached the legs. You can also adjust the height but I needed it to be taller as we have a higher bed and I wanted to be able to lift my head and see her. The legs snap in easily, and the product is ready to go once plugged in. I highly recommend registering your product with mamaroo first to get the date and serial number before attaching the underside storage basket as the lettering can be hard to see as it’s small. The basket was quick and easy to assemble, then you just place the mattress in. I love that the mattress feels comfortable without being too soft or too firm. It’s also wonderful that it’s a flat sleeping surface that does not incline so that it’s 100% safe for sleep! The cord is lengthy and gives a decent distance to be able to plug it in. I was thoroughly pleased with the length as I find I have a hard time making sure I have enough outlets with all the baby products. It was quick to register my item, pair it with Bluetooth and the app was ready to go as soon as this was finished. We played with all the functions and speeds before we placed our newborn in the bassinet to get a feel for how it moved. I’m thoroughly pleased at the speed and transition between different movements, it doesn’t feel jerky or jarring at all. My infant really loves the car ride and wave motions. The bassinet also has different sounds, volumes, as well as vibration! My 2 month old absolutely loves this bassinet, she’s always been a fan of car rides and white noise... so being able to control her motion, vibration and have her white noise is just my perfect recipe for sleep! She easily calms down and enjoys the soothing motion, and this helps free up my arms when I am laying my two year old down. I’m also thankful that the sides are mesh so I can see her easily and know there’s good airflow. I think that it is awesome that it can be controlled by your phone because buttons are very attractive to my toddler, so I turn the control panel facing the wall and I can still easily control it. This bassinet truly is a miracle worker, as I have used it while babysitting my friends daughter who has colic. It immediately put her to sleep and she slept the longest stretch to date in this bassinet. My only complaint with this bassinet is that I’ve noticed when I turn it off, there is a humming like vibration sound for about two minutes. As a stay at home mom my sleep, and my children’s sleep is so important. This product has made my nights and nap times nearly tear and hassle free for me and my family! Thank you Stellar Product Testing Panel for sending me this product for free to test and review. This has been a lifesaver for me!

    Review originally posted on 4moms.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Brilliant! Worked like a charm
    Reviewed by Njrichar1 - January 24, 2020

    This bassinet worked great to it only calm our infant, but also allow her to have longer sleep intervals. When we first would notice fussing in the night we could grab our phone turn on the soothing motions or use the vibration feature to get her back to sleep without having to get out of bed. We also loved the noise machine function. We found ourselves leaving it on for us to fall asleep to. It was nice to have the option to adjust the height as we were able find the right height for us to easily place and remove our daughter without strain. Overall just a really great product. Sleep is precious with a toddler and infant so the fact that this helped us get more is 2 thumbs up in my book. We were very thankful to Receive and test this product as part of the stellar product testing panel.

    Review originally posted on 4moms.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • The best of the best
    Reviewed by vamphara - November 17, 2020

    I love 4 moms products. When I was pregnant i bought a 4moms swing first. Have been using it well since my baby was born but the bassinet we had was just a normal one. My baby would only fall asleep whenever we rocked the bassinet so we decided to give it a try. Ever since my baby sleeps well through the night and my husband and I sleep way better and we are really satisfied with this purchase. Some people used to talk about noisy sound but I have never experienced something like that. I just hear a bit of the cooling fan sound when I turn it off. Just like a laptop. It definitely saved my husband and myself. I highly recommend it.

    Review originally posted on 4moms.com

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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