Acer Aspire 15.6" Laptop (AMD A9-9420e/1TB HDD/8GB RAM/Windows 10)


  • Reviews

    from ONTARIO  on 4 octobre 2019

    It is good. I am really very happy with this product. Will recommend this to others also.

  • Excellent product

    from Bancroft.ON. on 2 octobre 2019

    Very easy to set up. Just plug it in and boots up into Windows 10. I use it primarily to surf the internet & watch movies. Connecting to my internet provider for the first time is super easy. I'm quite impressed. Sound from the speakers while watching movies is very clear and crisp, especially with speech. Fast enough for my purpose and very please with the purchase. This is my first Acer laptop ( it replaces my 15 year old HP laptop ) and only 3 weeks old. If my wife's Acer Aspire 1 laptop ( a little older than my HP ) which is still going strong, is any indication, I hope this unit will give me comparable longevity.

  • Good PC at a fair price

    from Montréal, QC on 22 septembre 2019

    Delivery was fast (quicker than announced)! I had purchased this PC for a girlfriend who asked me to shop for, order and do the set-up of a Windows-10 Machine. Very smooth experience, thanks Best Buy Canada!

  • So. Freaking. Slow.

    from Toronto on 22 septembre 2019

    Thought it would be better than my slow chugging MacBook Pro. I can build out decks better in PC and work with excel vs Apple environment. New computer? It took FOREVER to even load webpages. Returned it. It legitimately ran slower than my early 2011 laptop that’s struggling as is. Going to upgrade my ram and hard drive on my Mac instead. Hard pass for me.

  • Acer is an ACE !

    from MayLand  on 20 septembre 2019

    So Far the Acer Computer is Working Up to Speed,I first bought My Acer in 2011 and as she has been Well used and starting to wear out , I thought that I should get a Back up Computer ! Now this older machine can be worked on , I just hope the new one lasts as long (?) The 15 inch screen is a nice Feature and an improvement making a tour on the Computer less work for your eyes !

  • Laptop review

    from Ajax on 17 septembre 2019

    We bought this laptop for both my wife and me to use for a number of different tasks. We have found the laptop to be a good valued buy for an every-day multi-usage computer - from music and movies to spreadsheets and archiving, etc. The computer is fast, nimble, and powerful - we are highly enjoying our purchase.

  • Put a SSD in this thing and adjust your expectations to the price you are paying

    from Oshawa, Ontario on 10 septembre 2019

    Slap a SSD in this to speed it up and adjust your expectations!

  • Amazing

    from 48 hillmount road on 10 septembre 2019

    Amazing in every single way

  • Very thin, with a nice keyboard, good speed.

    from Winnipeg, MB on 9 septembre 2019

    You have to give yourself a couple days to let the machine get updated with the latest version of Windows, and so on. Very little bloat-wear (Nortons was all). Once all set to go I found the speed very good, only limited by the WiFi; the keyboard was a real pleasant surprise; big shift keys, and backspace. The number pad is both very different and very nice to use; take a look at the photos but takes up less space than the usual but is still very practical and well thought out. The keyboard touch is very good too. Screen is "very good" and is viewable left right great, but up and down like my last Acer; it does have a sweet spot I find I have to adjust to find. Installation was easy, the packaging was outstanding. I got a bluetooth mouse and it works fantastic with it. The A9 chip is supposed to be a good one; and thus far it seems in the range of say an i5 chip; but I'm not a super expert on that. Recommended.

  • waste of time - lots of time!

    from Edmonton on 8 septembre 2019

    Dead slow doing anything. Even after removing the huge amount of bloatware, it takes forever to do any simple thing. Unbelieveable how poorly it performs. Hours wasted and now I have to waste more to wipe all my info/programs in order to return the miserable thing. One star is because I like the keyboard.