Acer Iconia One 10.1" 16GB Android 7 Tablet with MT8167 Quad Core Processor - White


  • Disappointing after a few months

    from TORONTO on January 16, 2020

    We've had this one for about a year. In the beginning it worked absolutely great, fast and reliable. Without any heavy apps installed (we mainly use it for internet browsing, email checking and reading newspapers with the occasional game of Candy Crush or similar, nothing heavier), the tablet's performance began deteriorating at rocket speed and we can only guess that it cannot support the regular updates required by the few factory installed apps. At this point it is unusable as it lags even when loading email page and cannot load a newspaper page. It was a waste of money.

  • Good bang for buck

    from Channel-Port aux Basques on January 8, 2020

    I really enjoy my new tablet and the speed of delivery was exceptional. I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  • Not worth it..

    from Ottawa-Gatineau on December 15, 2019

    I got this tablet about two years ago after saving up for a while, I bought it and at first, it seemed fine, no issuses, no problem. After 4 or 5 months, the back camera became so blurry it was unuseable. Around that time, the tablet itself was malfunctionning and bugging. The 16GB of storage became insufficient after just a few months and ,as I said the camera was blurry so I didn't take pictures or videos that would take up space. The battery was aslo being drained completely in the span of about half an hour, so I stopped using the product for a while. Recently, I tried charging the tablet to use it, turned it on to reveal a black screen with cracks of colour, in other words, a broken screen. With tax, the tablet costs 170$ (C$), and it acts like it's worth less than 50. From my experience, I reccomend doing more research and buying another device instead.

  • Asus 10" Tablet

    from Prince Albert Sask. on December 13, 2019

    So fare so good... I've been using this a bit. It's a bit slow on the start up and there are a couple of quirks like... it's always turning lenghthwise but you can defeat that. For the price, I think it's going to suit my needs for web browsing and book reading!

  • acer iconia 10.1" 16gb

    from Brampton on December 6, 2019

    I did some research on this tablet and I liked the reviews. I bought these tablets has Christmas gifts for my step daughters. I can't gave any more info for the time being.

  • Perfect

    from ON on August 29, 2019

    I bought this for my 86 year old mom, who, plays games{casino} and goes on Facebook. It is the ideal size and works great for what she uses it for, Also, Customer service is brilliant!

  • Good product

    from Hamilton on August 10, 2019

    Overall I like the product. Good size screen and easy to use but I wish it had more than 16 gb. Will need to get a sd card for storage.

  • So slow!

    from Oshawa on July 7, 2019

    So slow it constantly crashes and charging is so terrible that it has to be powered off or you lose more battery than you gain while charging. Complete waste of 150 bucks. Learn from my mistake!

  • 24hrs to charge?

    from Ontario on May 26, 2019

    This device will not keep a charge and takes forever to charge. I mean it's been plugged - with the charger and cable provided - for 12 hrs and it's still not charged... will be returning it.

  • Dissapointing build quality

    from Ottawa, ON on April 28, 2019

    This tablet was very appealing at on sale price but I’ve got disappointed right away when I opened the box. The build quality is very bad, the tablet feels flimsy and makes a cracking noise when you take it in your hand. Feels like it wants to fall in pieces. Otherwise seemed to be fast, screen was good and I did not have wifi connectivity issues like others. Returned, sorry.