Altec Lansing True Evo In-Ear Truly Wireless Headphones - Black


  • Garbage.

    from Thunder Bay. on June 27, 2019

    These headphones worked for about a month. After that, they started cutting out at random intervals. I assumed it was due to my surroundings. I can conclusively say, after standing in an open pasture, with no infrastructure or trees close by, that these headphones still suck.

  • Comfortable, good sound but poor charging configur

    from Best Buy US on June 20, 2019

    For the price, these headphones have been great. They are comfortable and have good sound. They never fall out of my ears, whether I am going for a jog or mowing the lawn. My only complaint is the charging configuration. I often have to jiggle the headphone into position to get it to charge. Furthermore, the ear piece often gets stuck in the case when I'm trying to take them out. I have to use tweezers to get it out. This is a hassle when traveling. Overall, good product with poor charging design.

  • Surprisingly Pleased

    from Best Buy US on June 9, 2019

    These sound as good as more expensive earphones. They pair quickly (iPhone/iPad) and work great. The wireless charging case at this price point is a nice surprise. My only issue is that you have to make sure you place them back in the case securely. I have grabbed them a couple times and had one ear dead (needed to be charged).

  • Pleased

    from Alberta on June 8, 2019

    Very pleased with my purchase. The earphones stay in place during long runs and do not hurt my ears . They are not noise canceling which is perfect for running outside.

  • Broken, defective and fall out of my ears constantly

    from Kamloops on June 1, 2019

    No matter which size ear attachments I use these fall out of my ears with each and every head or jaw movement. The rigid part that is meant to go into the ear canal snapped at the base and I was able to glue it back together with superglue, but after that the sound was super quiet and dampened in that earbud. On top of that, the right one fell out of my ear into a plate of food I was eating and stopped working. They say waterproof but they aren’t soy sauce proof. This all happened within a month of owning them. I give these 2 stars because the case can be charged on wireless charging docks which is cool but that’s worthless if they break, don’t fit and/or are defective.

  • Love these headphones

    from Mississauga, Canada on May 21, 2019

    Sounds great. Battery life could be better, overall an amazing sound for the price

  • Disappointing purchase

    from St. John's, NL on May 20, 2019

    Great sound but way too delicate material for ear buds. Received as a Christmas gift and just started using them last month. Both buds top casings have cracked and I had to glue them and now one has a missing piece which I could not find to glue back on rendering them both useless. Not sure if the top casings can be replaced?!?!?!

  • Very bad quality and sound...

    from Best Buy US on May 15, 2019

    They really are bad quality and wouldn't recommend it at all...

  • Goood

    from Gggggoooooddddd on May 15, 2019

    It vary gooooooooooood

  • Read the new reviews.

    from Vancouver, BC on April 30, 2019

    All of the five star reviews are posted from the same location all on the same date. These are fake reviews, shame. Likely trash, glad I checked.