Angelcare 5" Video & Breathing Baby Monitor with Two-way Communication (AC527)


  • Great buy

    from Windsor  on October 10, 2019

    Great products for new parents. The sensor pad gave me a sense of comfort knowing there was an extra monitoring device. On occasion when my son would move off the pad, the sensor would give a false alarm. Some parents may not like that. However I liked that as I was able to check on him. Better safe than sorry. The set up if the device was easy. Also the monitor and camera had a nice look. The quality of the picture on the monitor were also good- very clear to see. All in all a good monitor to give you some peace of mind.

  • Easy to use and portable.

    from Calgary, Alberta on October 4, 2019

    Great product - so easy to use. Just plug in and go! The temperature option on the camera is nice to have and you can turn it off if it is too bright for baby. The temperature will still show on the parent unit. The camera is quite zoomed in so you have to find a spot far away enough if you want to see the whole baby. Overall, the AngelBaby unit has been so helpful during our trips away from home when we need to keep an eye on baby while relaxing with friends. Like I said before, just plug in and go! Fool proof! We didn't have the chance to use the sensor pad so cannot comment on that unfortunately. If you don't have the sensor pad set up, the camera/parent unit will constantly beep (which is a helpful function if it was set up for baby - sensor pads used to track baby's breathing) but you just have to select OFF (for sensor pad) on the parent unit and it will stop.

  • You must try!

    from Coquitlam BC  on September 23, 2019

    This is a very easy set-up baby monitor. The instructions are easy to understand! The monitor is coloured and on the parent screen, you can actually see and hear your baby clearly. At first, the detector pad’s connection was not picking up so I thought it was not working at all but at the end, it did work! One thing I did not like about the product was it was hard to click on the menu button for customizing. Other than that, this is a great baby monitor!

  • good

    from rochon st -laurent on September 21, 2019


  • Excellent Camera with Reliable Breathing Sensor Pad

    from Toronto on September 18, 2019

    For any parent, one of the biggest challenges is sleep deprivation. While this camera does not solve that problem, it allowed me to catch a bit of sleep in between diaper changes and feedings. I am alerted if no movement is detected after 20 seconds, which I absolutely love! Once I used the breathing monitor for a week, I was confident that it was functioning well and allowed myself to start closing my eyes. I have not had any problems with the breathing monitor. In the beginning I used to forget to pause the alarm when I took baby out of the bassinet and the alarm would go off because no motion was detected. Once I made it a habit, problem solved. Camera Quality: The camera quality is excellent. The night vision is very clear. There is no lag in the picture quality which I really love. We initially had a camera from Motorola and there was lag in the display, and it froze for a few seconds often. I never had this problem with this camera. Sound: I can hear my baby perfectly fine, and any background noise I have on (sound machine). The volume can be adjusted so that you can feel like baby is right beside you. We now use the VOX Mode which allows us to only hear the baby and not the white noise machine. Battery: The battery is pretty good, but I normally keep it plugged in. On days it is not plugged in, the battery life has lasted more than throughout the night. You can also disable the screen to save more battery, but it will turn back on when there is sound, or motion detected. The only room for improvement for this camera is the temperature sensor (mind you, I keep the camera on 24/7). The temperature sensor is off by 1-2 degrees at times. I have solved this issue by getting my own room thermometer. However, I still use the ‘temperature alert’ for the room temperature as it is very helpful to know if the baby’s room is getting too hot or cold.

  • Love this baby monitor

    from Toronto on September 17, 2019

    I love the baby monitor the features are really useful. I did find it a bit difficult to set up but after it was easy to use, one thing I found to be bad about it was the fact that if the baby is sleeping and not moving, the sensor you put underneath the mattress, causes the monitor to beep and wakes up the baby. Also the light on the actual monitor that goes in the baby’s room is bright and distracts the baby from falling asleep or even wakes her up. Other then that it’s very useful and has amazing features.

  • Great product!

    from Calgary on September 17, 2019

    The Angelcare video and breathing baby monitor is an excellent product! It has many well thought-out features. I really like the VOX function where the sound only comes on when it detects my baby, this way I’m not continuously listening to any music that Is used to put my baby to sleep. The screen also goes into sleep mode so the light from the screen doesn’t bother me when I sleep. The battery life on it is exceptional, if I forget to charge it before bed, it lasts through the night. My baby moves around a lot and I found that the monitor would not be able to detect her if she was in certain spots in the crib. The alarm would sound and this would likely be more of a disturbance and could cause a bit of worry as she was breathing fine. Even with the monitor on the highest sensitivity, the monitor would incorrectly detect a lack of movement at least once a night therefore I am turning the breathing monitor off most of the time. I do like that there is the option to be able to turn it off and/or pause the breathing monitor from the parent unit and nursery unit. The alarm sounds from both parent and nursery unit as well, which the latter would be to get baby to move around to stop the alarm. I think this is definitely a good feature to have for the breathing monitor. The breathing monitor would be useful for a baby that is not super mobile (yet) when sleeping. My only real concern with the monitor is the high magnification of the camera (nursery unit) and angling of the unit. I had to put the unit on the wall a certain distance away from the crib to be able to monitor the entire crib. I was also unable to mount the camera with the included hardware because it would not be angled downward enough. I ended up having to stick the entire camera with the stand onto the wall so that it was far enough away from the wall so I could angle it properly. Overall, I am very happy with this video monitor! I wish I would have had it earlier so I could use the breathing monitor on my baby when she was younger and wasn’t rolling all over the place. It would have given me reassurance that she was safe during sleep.

  • Highly Recommend!

    from Moncton on September 17, 2019

    I was given this baby monitor to try out through the baby Samplers Club. We’ve been using it for a week and absolutely love it! The picture on the monitor is clear, it’s super easy to travel with as it doesn’t need wifi. The temperature is super handy especially in the fall when temperature fluctuates throughout the day. We have 3 different baby monitor sets and this is by far my favourite. I would definitely recommend!

  • Ideal gift

    from Markham on September 16, 2019

    Easy to use. I am able to see my little boy when I am eating. Room temperature shown is easy for me to decide what to wear. My son is a little bit sensitive to the camera alarm since it is too loudly.

  • Awesome!

    from Barrie on September 16, 2019

    This product is everything I wanted! I can perfectly see my little one, with the clear picture from the video monitor. This video monitor allows me to do my everyday activities well my baby sleeps, my anxiety goes down knowing I can see and hear her! The sound quality is great allows me to hear her perfectly with no interference from my cell. I can not recommend this product enough!! Everyone should get an AngelCare Video Monitor!!