Antennas Direct ClearStream Indoor/Outdoor Digital TV Antenna (C2-V-CJM-CN)

  • Model #: C2-V-CJM-CN
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This ClearStream C2-V DTV antenna lets you watch all your favourite 1080i HDTV programming from your local networks without the need for a subscription or accruing cable or satellite fees. It receives crystal clear UHF HDTV signals so you can enjoy high-gain digital reception within a range of up to 80 kilometres.

More Information

  • Installs by connecting to your TV with a coaxial cable (sold separately) and performing a channel scan
  • Good for indoors, outdoors, or in the attic
  • Design allows for a tabletop, wall, or outdoor mount
  • Ideal for backup during emergencies or bad weather
  • Range of up to 80 kilometres

What's in the Box?

  • UHF/VHF Antenna
  • J-Mount Mast
  • Roof Sealing Pads
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Assembly and Installation Instructions

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • Parts - Lifetime

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  • Application
    TV Antenna
  • TV Antenna Type - Amplified
  • TV Antenna Type - Multi-directional
  • TV Antenna Type - Indoor
  • TV Antenna Type - Outdoor
  • TV Antenna Max. Range
    80 km
  • Supported Reception
  • HDTV
  • Digital
  • UHF
  • FM/AM
  • Colour
  • Width
    80.01 cm
  • Height
    1.8 cm
  • Depth
    16 cm
  • Weight
    1.8 kg
  • What's in the Box
  • Warranty Parts



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  • from Mississauga, ON

too few channels, small range

For the cost, the range should be 3 times as far. I found a paper thin sized antenna online with double the range / distance.

  • from Vancouver, BC

pretty good little antenna

After getting 5 local channels intermittently with a messy powered RCA rabbit ears everywhere setup I decided to go directly to the higher standard Clearstream 2V and regain that desk from cords and tongs. The Clearstream pulled in the same 5 channels well, unpowered, while neatly against the wall, so I knew it was strong. Experimenting with placement (height is everything in an antenna) I found it pulled in most of one line's signals (more than before) from around the other side of the building as well as opened up a whole new signal line farther away from the States. The missing stations on those 2 lines could just be amped up...and that's my next idea. So I have 9 working channels, a hint of a weaker one, and more are available along the same lines with some amping. And I'm midway up a tower enveloped by concrete. For not being free and clear of the building and sitting indoors inside of the balcony, it's doing pretty well...and I have my table back.

  • from Lasalle/Windsor, ON

Excellent antenna

Hooked it up in my attic facing the direction where most signals are received. I split it off to two TV'S, performed a channel scan and picked up 51 stations. 46 stations come in clear. I would recommend this product to anyone looking at cutting cable TV.

  • from Gatineau, QC

excellent antenna

We replaced cable tv with this antenna, and we get the channels we need, excellent reception, even when it's pouring rain. It's the best deal for cost to performance ratio. We use this indoors, no wires everywhere, light weight, well balanced. Highly recommend, especially if you have kids that need a tv diet. (written by a mom & engineer)

  • from Azilda, ON

Excellent product

I have installed this antenna indoors, facing the proper direction right up against the ceiling and boy does it work great. I live about 30 miles from the towers over rocky terrain and still get a great signal no matter what the weather. There are only 3 available channels in my area, and I clearly get all 3, including one that is digital high definition widescreen. Beautiful! Great solid product.

  • from Toronto, ON

More channels than I need

OK so I do live on the 21st floor of a building and have a clear site line to downtown Toronto. But I must say that I pull in more stations than I require and the reception is excellent. Setting it up and tuning it is a snap and it lives behind the TV so is totally invisible. Great buy. Very happy with this product.

  • from Southern Ontario

Great antenna

Today I opened my seasonal trailer and it's raining. Raised my RV antenna and NO channels and few blips but nothing. I picked up this antenna and mounted it where the old one was and I got 27 channels all have full signals without rotating. We're located in a valley with alot tree coverage and overcast rainy day. I'm so impressed. 😀

  • from Toronto, ON


Very satisfied. The price is right, quality is the best.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Best antenna I've used so far.

Live in a ground floor apartment facing the opposite direction from all the towers (towers are east, all windows face west), and the other apartment building is only 25m away and blocks the sunset. Main challenge here is getting the 2 VHF channels here in Edmonton (CITV and CFRN) which is 30km southeast. All the other UHF channels are no sweat and can be obtained from any good UHF antenna. Setup is placing antenna inside living room at the window, pointing outside, and standing about 1m from the floor on a box. Can only get CITV but not CFRN. CITV is a weak but usable signal. Added an amplifier and got a stable signal for both channels. Further added a second RCA flat antenna and signals are strong and reliable. Only slight pixelation occurring rarely but overall program never affected. If this was mounted outside properly and/or facing the same direction as the challenging towers, it would not need an amplifier. However, even in a challenging environment, the antenna still offers the best performance.

  • from Richmond Hill, ON

great small antenna.

Getting all the channels from Toronto 40km away at very good quality. It is small but performs better than large antennas. On down side, it is costly and not sure how long will plastic pieces last due to UV/sun wear.

  • from Calgary, AB

excellent antenna said I should easily get 4 channels where I live (T2T 3L6). I started out by buying the Philips Digital TV Antenna SDV6226 but the Philips antenna only provided me with 3 (CTV, CBC, and CityTv. Was missing Global), and I had to goof around with the antenna's orientation to keep the picture from pixelating. Next I went out and bought the Antennas Direct ClearStream Indoor/Outdoor Digital TV Antenna (C2-V-CJM-CN), and immediately I could get all 4 channels. And I assume the signal is very strong because I don't have to worry about the ClearStream antenna's orientation. I even have it indoors.

  • from Montréal, QC

fantastic antenna

great antenna from montreal est and got 16 channel local and from usa

  • from Burnaby, BC

Good product. Worth the money

I got it for a month ago, set it up indoor facing my southwest window on my 4th floor condo unit. It scanned 18 channels including some from Washington states. It takes half a minute to load up the program guide. There are occasional RF interference on all channels but it's tolerable since I primarily use it to watch news on CTV or GlobalTV. I ty-wrapped the antenna on a cloth tree to keep it off the ground.

  • from Halifax, NS

Not good for outdoor use

I purchased this with mixed feelings, but was pleased how it worked inside the house.It's construction materials are not suitable for harsh ,windy and salty coastal areas .It would never last .Assembled with ease ,immediately picked up 2 channels, ( I only ever got 3 ).I would recommend this product , and it is ugly.I am going to purchase another.

  • from Otonabee, Ontario


This is a great antenna. I was told I would not have any reception in my area. I mounted it on my chimney with the supplied brackets. I added a signal booster. I consistently receive 6 - 8 channels. On occasion I receive up to 30 channels. Who needs cable or satellite?

  • from Waterloo, ON

One of the best OTA Antennas

I have tried four different Antennas this is an amazing antenna. 50-mile 80km range Delivers clear, brilliant DTV reception. Compatible with most ATSC tuners For wide-ranging use. UHF/VHF core engineering Provides optimal performance for weak VHF stations to ensure a clear signal. 10.4 dBi UHF and 3.1 dBi VHF max gain For concentrating radiated power from a specific direction. Consistent gain offered through the entire UHF/VHF DTV channel spectrum. 75 ohms impedance Helps minimize signal loss for efficient performance. Designed for indoor, outdoor or attic use For optimal placement

  • from Calgary.AB

Good product

I love this one, the picture is perfect, it is really HD TV.

  • from Waterloo, ON

One of the best antennas

After trying 5 different antennas and hearing great things about this remarkable product I thought I would try it out for myself I was super impressed with the signal quality & channels that it found.

  • from Montréal, QC

Works great

Great HDTV reception, not many signal drops with outdoor install even on windy days.Easy setup.

  • from Brossard, Qc

Great product for the south shore of MTL (Brossard)

I get 25 channels including PBS, CBS, FOX and NBC (no ABC) with an Indoor setup. Make sure you set it up correctly (Antennas full deployed and pointing towards the correct direction).

  • from Calgary, AB

Works great in Calgary!

Picked this guy up and am impressed. Have placed it in a spare room and ran the cable back to the tv in the living room. The channels I get (five in total) are CLEAR. No complaints on that purchase.

  • from Summerside, PE

Looks Stupid but it works!

I tried 4 different antennas before arriving at this one. This one works great. great signal quality.

  • from Scarborough

Great unit

Easy set up. Scanned channels inside to test, received 17 channels. Mounted outside facing the c.n tower received 28 channels. I'm sure with some more tweaking can receive even more channels. I highly recommend this unit.

  • from Ottawa, ON

Incredible Reception & not ugly like the old style large antennas

I tried the antenna setup in the TV room next to the window to test it out and pulled in 11 channels with over 75% signal strength and some with 100% signal strength. This is already better than the smaller Terk amplified antenna that I have mounted on the roof. This demonstrates their claims that it can be mounted in the Attic. I will be mounting this on the roof aimed at the transmission towers with a Winegard LNA-200 Signal Preamplifier to maximize reception. I should be able to bring in many more channels. The antenna is a fairly small size with a nice look that will make it almost invisible to people on the street so it wont look ugly. Its alas very light weight making it easy to install and not a concern for mounting on the side of a house or on the roof. Best HDTV antenna I have seen. Well worth the money.

  • from Pickering, ON

Good Quality

The antenna is excellent in Pickering. I placed it in a second floor bedroom, in a southwest direction facing Toronto and Buffalo. The reception is excellent and I managed to receive 24 channels many that you don't get on cable. It is relatively easy to put together, check out the videos on you tube from antennas direct and you shouldn't have a problem. I recently tried the antenna at my cottage at Lake Simcoe. The distance from Toronto limits the channels available. I did mange to get CFTO on the repeater station. However the antenna is very directional and could not receive Barrie which is the closest station. This was disappointing as my old coat hanger homemade antenna pulled CTV 2 in great. I am going to have to play with location to find the best spot. I would recommend this antenna if you have a relatively clear path to the transmitter towers.

  • from Toronto, ON

Works far better than expected

My mother recently moved into a new apartment in Don Mills with a partial view of the CN tower. We set up this antenna and could not believe that she was able to receive 43 channels, all crystal clear. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, Global, CBC, CTV, TVO, CITY etc. and a ton of other channels from the Buffalo area. According to the map, she is over 83 kilometers to the Buffalo stations but received them without any problem. Strangely, the only channel she couldn't get was Channel 11 from Hamilton. There must be an obstruction in the path of that transmitter but with so many other channels to watch it's not really a problem. This antenna is well worth the money.

  • from Toronto, ON

Very good, worth the money

I live in downtown Toronto 30th floor, facing away from the CN tower. This is my third antenna with the first 2 only picking up CTV, CBC, Global and on good days CITY. However, I had to find the sweet spot in my condo and after a few months the sweet spot would change. This antenna picked up all those channels and more instantly without adjusting the location. Once I set up the antenna in a good location, I was getting 40 channels from Buffalo to Barrie. Expensive but worth the money. Don't waste time/ money on inexpensive antennas, bite the bullet in price and get this one.

  • from Calgary, AB

I Can't Believe it works

spent a couple of hours setting up this antenna,easy to put together installed outside on my roof using the old sat dish mount pointed the antenna towards broadcast hill here in Calgary,we have hills and lots of trees and houses in between so i was not expecting a lot of the six channels we have over the air here.well to our surprise I got all six with a great picture on each channel

  • from Ste Justine de Newton, Qué

Success without cable or parabolic!

I installed ClearStream temporarily in the house 2 nights ago. it is actually on top of a dresser in the house. I live about 60km south-west of Montreal. So I positioned my ClearStream generally facing Montreal. This is really simple to put together and easy to hook up. Once I had the TV go through a channel search, it found 16 channels, Including french and english Radio Canada. Unfortunately I do not receive TVA (a popular french private channel), RDS or RDI. But I am quite happy with what I do get. And, fortunately I do not have to pay for 99 channels that include 90 useless channels. I cant wait to install it outside on an antenna post.

  • from Sherwood Park, AB

works great

Put this in my attic facing south as i live in sherwood park, i get all the channels 90% plus, though the one west of edmonton is around 70% but still fine. Not much more to say....

  • from Ottawa, ON

Great, solid product, recommended.

Purchased the ClearStream 2 a few weeks ago. Assembly and setup are straight forward, take 10 minutes. I live in Ottawa West and receive 14 Canadian channels. Unfortunately no US programs. Broadcast quality better than cable. Product recommended for all those ready to cut the cord who are not tv junkies.

  • from Windsor, ON

Crystal Clear TV

I read the review from "Rob from Windsor, lives in Essex) Received 43 channels so i thought i would give it a try. I live about 6 km away from Essex, 54 channels with an amplifier hooked up. Great Product

  • from Vaughan, ON

Works for Me

I live in Vaughan (Jane and Major Mackenzie area). The antenna is mounted on top of the garage (roof) pointing south. I get 10 local hd channels like Global, CityTV, CBC...etc... Good enough for me to keep up with the latest news.

  • from Scarborough, ON

This is a keeper

I live in a second floor apartment in Scaborough facing south. I placed this antenna on my balcony, did my scan and I get 28 channels some HD and some SD. So I'm so happy with the purchase. Definitely a keeper!

  • from Windsor, ON

So far so good 43 channels in Essex

Excellent product

  • from Whitby, ON

Good Antenna

Assembled in 10 minutes. Connected to TV, searched, and got 14 channels. Could be more? I don't know, but it is good!

  • from Montreal, QC

Great Antenna

I've had this antenna with the VHF module for nearly 2 years now, combined with preamp. I live south of Montreal, I can pull in all local channels and most US channels (60-70 miles away) except the ABC affiliate (low power VHF). Everything else comes in clear and reliably (about 20 channels). I have it inside with an optional stand, my brother installed the same in his attic. Both setups work great! highly recommended to any urban cord-cutter!

  • from Toronto, ON

Gets more channels

I replaced a cheaper antenna with this model, and get more channels including NBC from Buffalo. However I need to use a ChannelMaster pre-amp 7778 with this otherwise several channels come in and out of reception. In the Danforth area of Toronto.

  • from Surrey, BC

Gave me very limited channels

Gave me very limited channels. I may consider getting the larger one as it seems to have a distance that's further. I will keep this one for my second tv.

  • from newmarket


works great get all local stations and one from buffalo

  • from Ottawa, ON

Great fringe antenna with the dB4e

I have a similar setup with the Antennas Direct dB4e and the VHF accessory antenna and it is great for pulling in stations from 65 - 75 miles out in a very fringe reception area. Very directional but it really pulls in the signals. |fro me it requires a pre-amp on 30 ft of RG-6 coax cable.

  • from Calgary, AB

Compact and does the job

I was a bit nervous about installing this antenna because I live south of Calgary, about 40 km from the local TV masts with rolling hills between here and the city. To make things simple, the antenna was installed on our old satellite TV mount. Even with a bit of roof overhang in the way, it receives all six of the local stations perfectly. It remains to be seen how it will work in the winter or adverse conditions, but right now we're really happy -- nothing beats high quality HD channels without the ever-increasing monthly charge. The antenna requires five minutes of relatively simple assembly, although the assembly instructions could do with a little more detail and some larger pictures. That said, it's easy enough to figure things out if you take your time and check the photos on the box to make sure things are oriented correctly.

  • from Edmonton, AB

Could be better

Had great results with a smaller RCA antenna (also purchased from Best Buy for one of the smaller TVs in the house, so I thought I'd get this larger antenna for the main TV. Only managed to get 4 out of 7 Edmonton channels, so the performance is not as good as the RCA antenna. The ClearStream antenna may perform better if mounted outside, but given that even walking about the room causes intermittent signal, I'm not prepared to try an external installation.

  • from Edmonton,AB

Does the Job

Was relatively easy to assemble the indoor setup (all that was needed was a screw driver). The device picked up all the stations that the 'TV Fool' web site predicted would be available indoors at my location - with very good picture quality. (I had to set the device high up in the room on some stacked boxes to get EVERY channel expected in my apartment.) In hindsight, seems like I wasted some money buying this indoor/outdoor antenna, since all the outdoor installation parts went unused but I was unsure what was possible at the time of purchase.

  • from Burlington


Some major Channels intermittent. When you could get them crisp picture. If you moved antenna for other channels, difficult to get back to other channels even moving antenna same spot. I face south east. Trying bigger model

  • from Ottawa, ON

Excellent Product

After trying a number of different antennas, I can only say great things about this one. Easy set up and works very well. Impressed with Antennas Direct product, straightforward instructions and simple installation. Highly recommended if you need a medium range antenna that can handle both UHF and VHF.

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