Apple AirPods In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones with Mic (MMEF2C/A) - White


  • Like it

    from Mississauga on June 19, 2019

    Came fast. In very good condition

  • I highly recommend this place. Great staff and fantastic facilities and pools.

    from Ontario on June 18, 2019

    Easy to order online and fast pick up. The product worked perfect right out of the packaging and was easy to hook up to my devices. Apple products arn't cheap but they are great.

  • Would be nice if they kept them in stock.

    from Ontario on June 17, 2019

    Been trying to buy the headphones for a while. I then saw a sale and tried to click buy. To my surprise they are sold out online. What a thing. Why have a sale going on if you no longer have products Best Buy? It’s a shame.

  • Air pods

    from Hamilton Ontario on June 16, 2019

    Great product. I usually spend most of my days on conference calls and these make it easy to get stuff done while on calls. The charge only lasts about 2 hrs so you need to charge after that but they are fully charged in 15 mins so it’s pretty quick.

  • Perffect product

    from Milton on June 14, 2019


  • Great product

    from Cornwall on June 5, 2019

    HH Vivi h

  • Health

    from Isis on June 4, 2019

    When i tried to eat the airpod it didn't taste good even though on the package it said 1 a day keeps the doctor away my hospital bill cost more than these vitamins ッ suᴉɯɐʇᴉʌ ǝsǝɥʇ uɐɥʇ ǝɹoɯ ʇsoɔ llᴉq lɐʇᴉdsoɥ ʎɯ ʎɐʍɐ ɹoʇɔop ǝɥʇ sdǝǝʞ ʎɐp ɐ Ɩ pᴉɐs ʇᴉ ǝƃɐʞɔɐd ǝɥʇ uo ɥƃnoɥʇ uǝʌǝ pooƃ ǝʇsɐʇ ʇ,upᴉp ʇᴉ podɹᴉɐ ǝɥʇ ʇɐǝ oʇ pǝᴉɹʇ ᴉ uǝɥM

  • 10/10

    from Cambridge on May 29, 2019

    Love the product, also like to mentioned how awesome the bestbuy staff are, very thankful for the help from them

  • Missing an important thing

    from banana on May 23, 2019

    Where the waves at

  • Nice

    from 26 Mach on April 7, 2019

    Nice air pods