Apple MacBook Air 13.3" - Silver (Intel Core i7 2.2GHz / 128GB SSD / 8GB RAM) - English


  • Great Buy

    from Barrie, Ontario on November 6, 2019

    Great little laptop as an introduction to Apple and Mac's. Perfect for daily regular people tasks, and fast it is.

  • MacBook

    from  on October 14, 2019

    I was debating on this laptop or another very popular brand on the market. I use this for school- university research papers and just personal use. I really don’t know much about speed or storage,I just wanted to turn it on and use it! Because I’m used to a Windows based laptops in the past,this takes a little while to get used to. I do have an iPhone,but this is just not the same. I got two cords for it,not sure what one of them is supposed to be for? Still playing around with it and trying to figure it out!

  • Not impressed.

    from  on October 11, 2019

    This is laptop has the loudest fan. I can't even work or focus because it is so loud. Even when I watch movies I have to increase the volume just so that I can block out the noise of the fan. I got the laptop a month ago,and it is already starting to lag even though I don't have a lot of apps. Waste of money.

  • MacBook

    from  on September 29, 2019

    Love my new MacBook!


    from  on September 14, 2019

    Very fast,reliable and great for it's price !

  • Works for me

    from  on September 8, 2019

    I bought this for school and I am very happy. The guy at the store gave me a lot of discounts which was really nice so I'd recommend going in store to purchase it. This is the first MacBook I have ever purchased so I can't compare It to much else but if you're looking for something that's very portable it's the one for you. I also like editing videos and it surprisingly held up really well.

  • Already needs service by geek squad after a week of purchase

    from Brantford on August 29, 2019

    I bought my daughter this MacBook one week ago, brocade it’s apple it asks for your password from a previous device. (So annoying and that’s why I’m not a fan of Apple!) She tried to remember a password, it must have been incorrect and now the circle is just spinning and the computer won’t connect to anything at all. Now I have to bring the computer into geek squad already, after one week of purchase, I really don’t have time for us, and I’m not impressed!

  • Awesome little laptop

    from Dartmouth on August 28, 2019

    So far so good! I haven't experienced any issues yet. It's super fast, very easy to use, an inexpensive upgrade from the i5. Definitely worth the extra 80 dollars. If you're already spending this much on a laptop, take advantage. Charges to 50 percent in less than a half hour and has wicked battery life. I gotta say, I'm loving this computer! Definitely recommend.

  • Not happy

    from Charlottetown on August 26, 2019

    Not happy that my name was sold to other companies and the they have done a credit check on me when I paid cash. Gave my credit card for the protection plan with I am canceling as I can’t trust that it will only be charged with the proper and only that amount. Also asked to let them set it up what programs I wanted which didn’t matter nothing was added for me and none of the junky programs were removed not at all happy with the service. Thinking on taking it back😏 I guess why they are called geek squad 2!

  • MacBook Air

    from London Ontario on August 15, 2019

    It does not have the memory of my previous MacBook Pro and therefore I could not transfer my photos from my old laptop. It won't connect wirelessly with my older Brother printer, only with a USB cord. However it is very fast and as I get used to it, the more I like it.