Apple TV 4K 32GB


  • Good product

    from NS on November 4, 2019

    The Apple TV works well, pretty slick remote. This requires a slight learning curve. I find Apple products are well designed. The packaging is a bit extravagant though but protects products well. It will be some time before the 4K feature is useable.

  • Apple tv 4k 32GB review

    from Richmond on July 20, 2019

    Very good sound and picture quality. I found the best picture settings to be: 4K SDR, YCbCr, 4:4:4 Chroma, Match Content: Match Dynamic Range On, Match Frame Rate On. Crave app works well. Asphalt is a fun racing game to try out and runs great on the Apple TV 4K.

  • Great buy!

    from Mississauga on July 14, 2019

    Works great to connect everything to the tv, easy to use, so simple.

  • Apple tv 4k

    from Guelph on June 8, 2019

    Great to buy especially if you have bell fibe and prime video account. Use it everyday to listen to my music as well and this is coming from a true apple user

  • Great Product

    from South Porcupine, ON on April 11, 2019

    I’m glad we upgraded to the newer version Apple TV 4K. It’s perfect for my new Sony smart 4K TV. We simply love it. We can watch any movie with a good picture and sound every time.

  • Great upgrade from the regular apple tv

    from Scarborough, ON on March 28, 2019

    This thing is strangely powerful for its size, 4K Movies look spectacular and Dolby Atmos is good as well. Be sure to get a good HDMI cable because the cheap ones won't pass 4K and Atmos without stuttering. Bought as Open-Box for the discounted price and everything seems fine so far. Also all my movies got upgraded to 4K with HDR for free :)

  • Great Product with bad remote

    from Grimsby, Ontario on December 10, 2018

    I purchased the Apple T.V. 4K streaming device from my local Best-Buy in the Spring of 2018, because it was rated very highly by almost all reviewers, here and on other web sites. The Apple device provided excellent viewing options and picture quality, but the remote was a problem to operate right from the beginning. It is entirely too small, very sensitive, and the tiny touch pad makes it difficult to navigate through the viewing options. Very often, if I'm not extremely careful when picking up this tiny remote, I can be accidentally re-directed away from what I was watching to somewhere into "Apple world." To the "techies" designing this stuff: "Just because it can be made smaller, does not mean your customers actually benefit from miniaturization. After only seven months,I gave up on the Apple T.V. 4K only because of continual difficulties manipulating the remote. I'm going back to Best Buy to look into a Roku streaming device, which may not have all of the wonderful features of the Apple product, but comes with a remote that is easier to operate.

  • All good!

    from Concord, ON on November 3, 2018

    Easy to set up. Only thing was that apps needed to be installed (which i don't recall being the case with my previous version). Remote was weird to figure out at first. But then... easy peasy!

  • what to buy with apple 4k

    from Toronto, ON on April 26, 2018

    Although everything you will hear will tell you otherwise, spend the money on a Belkin ultra high def hdmi. Not all hdmi cables are the same. I believed that until I couldnt get the reciever to allow dolby vision. I caved in and bought the cable for 35 dollars. Works fine now. Just some advice for you if you have a full set up system.

  • Much better compared to other streamers

    from Victoria, BC on December 7, 2017

    I'm a huge google fan but the Apple 4K TV just shines. Its simple to use, the scrolling feature is nice (with your finger) and the picture is better on my LG OLED than it is on my Xbox one X, my chromecast, or built in tv apps, for 4K