Apple TV 4K 64GB


  • Solid Solution

    from Paradise, NL on December 29, 2019

    First point, for the minimum in price point, opt for the 64G unit. Second, it solves the problem if you have recently purchased a new HD tv, this unit will give you all the features you would expect in a new smart tv. The setup is seamless, with the remote pairing to your phone for easy use. Imo, it’s worth the purchase.

  • No regrets

    from Edmonton, Canada on November 11, 2019

    I upgraded my 2nd Gen Apple TV and went with this. I used the last one for almost 9 years so getting the 4k Model with the larger HD will help future proof the device for hopeful years to come. Super happy with the display, app store (apps for all the major channels and crave TV/prime video) and the speech to text. Incredibly simple to setup and would recommend to all my family and you. Only things that bug me are most game apps need a 3rd party bluetooth controller, and the Siri in the remote doesn't seem as good as in the phone to get you where you want. If you don't plan on using much of the apps or games you could probably get away with the 32g version. Wouldn't recommend getting without 4k as if you get a new tv down the road you would regret not having it.

  • Setup

    from Vancouver on November 11, 2019

    Very easy to setup and get going. Worth the money.

  • Worth it!

    from Ancaster on November 6, 2019

    A must have around the house. Completes the Apple eco system.

  • nice device annoying controller

    from Vancouver on August 5, 2019

    The Apple TV box it self is fine, no real complaints. However, if you have lager hands than a mouse you may find the controller infuriating. The top 1/3 is a track pad with lots of "short cut" options that you can accidentally set off by simply picking it up to move it across the room. If you are on a different app (like the TV's netflix/youtube app) that will instantly take you off that and into the apple TV

  • Supplements Online Streaming Experience

    from Brampton, ON on March 3, 2019

    I have a Samsung 8 series smart TV and the M9500 4k Blue Ray player which have smart apps on them. However, I have movies on iTunes and not all apps are available on Samsung platform. With Apple TV, I can watch the content from iTunes in 4K and also use various apps on available on smart TV platform. Therefore, the Apple TV 4K supplements the online streaming experience. With the Apple TV control, you can also control the Samsung TV and soundbar. The control supports voice too. As for cons, Youtube is not available in 4K so you will have to use your smart TV app for 4K Youtube content. Google Movie App is not available as well for obvious reasons but that would be on your Smart TV. For those with Samsung setup, note that Samsung does not support Dolby Vision, which Apple TV 4K does but you want be able to experience the dynamic metadata. Key tips for settings: 1. Video a) Format 4K SDR, Output YCbCr, Chroma 4:4:4 b) Match Content: Match Dynamic Range ON; Match Frame Rate ON (This will ensure HDR content plays in HDR and SDR in SDR with content specified frame rate) 2. Audio a. Reduce Loud Sounds OFF