Arlo Wire-Free Indoor/Outdoor Security System with 4 720p Cameras - White - Only at Best Buy


  • Battery life

    from Langley BC on September 7, 2019

    Cameras do what they said it would do but best buy employee told me batteries were rechargeable but they are not. Ouch!

  • Keep

    from The one  on July 14, 2019 the

  • Worst product ever

    from Toronto on May 25, 2019

    SImilar to the other reviews. Ongoing issues. Hardware does not update properly and takes the cameras offline. The firmware updates dont load properly and take hours of rebooting to finally work, then cameras wont work are impossible to resync. Initially had 3 cameras replaced (under warranty)..then after one year another 2. Customer service at Arlo is the worst. On hold for 45-50 minutes on average, then they send you an online RMA online to fill in for replacement...which never works so you have to call in again. Just the worst product ever.

  • Very poor quality

    from Calgary, AB on May 9, 2019

    The system worked well in general. One of the four cameras does not work anymore: does not connect to the base. So one is done. Then, I have bought 2 more cameras with the rechargeable battery. One of the two does not work because of the battery. When in charging (plugged in) it connects to the base. If unplugged, it disconnects. End result: 2 of 6 got broken. That's waaaay too much. And, of course, all are off the warranty. Don't waste your money and your time.

  • Arlo camera

    from Nl  on March 21, 2019

    was going to purchase but no 24/7 recording No

  • Open box shipped

    from Richmond, BC on March 19, 2019

    Opened the box after renovating my house for a month. inside boxes are damaged and one of the camera had a chip on the ring. I didn't know that bestbuy scam people by sending open box item. Will never buy from bestbuy online again. Store wouldn't do exchange or make up price due to the item was after a month after the time store received the shipment. To whoever buy from bestbuy online I strongly suggest checking content while video tapping to prevent whatever happened to me.

  • easy set up however

    from Brantford, ON on November 11, 2018

    the set up was a very easy process , downloading app was simple, however, the system is not designed for 24-7 video. it only takes small video when motion is triggered, and the subject must be within 15 feet of the front of camera.and yes I had cameras set at 100 percent . will be returning item to store and getting a system with 24-7 video that I can review . this system take batteries and they don't last that long. had system running for two days and battery life has dropped 10 percent already.

  • Not for Cold Weather

    from Thunder Bay, ON on January 13, 2018

    I went through multiple problems with this system. Most problems stemming from cold weather. Problems like connection issues. If you can't connect, there is no security. Other annoying problems are pink camera images, night vision not working and recording starting after the subject has left the image frame. I had enough patience to fix problems first time around but not the second, which occurred again a week later. After consulting NetGear support, (which in itself is an exercise in patience) on multiple issues I finally had enough and returned the system after using it for less than a month. It nice having a system that is wireless but the persistent problems suggest that its just not suitable for Canadian climates or they just haven't perfected it enough prior to releasing it. I for one am tired of companies using consumers as beta testers.

  • no windows support

    from calgary on January 6, 2018

    disappointed they have no apps for windows, you cant use with a surface tablet or PC they should clearly mark or the packaging does not support windows

  • Great Product

    from Surrey, BC on December 26, 2017

    These cameras work great. I don't understand why some people are complaining. There are several ways to configure the recording process, quality, alerts etc. If you have lousy Wifi or a huge area to cover, ofcourse there will be problems. For a 4500 sq ft home these work great. I have 2 outside, and 2 inside. I live in Vancouver so there's tons of rain and cold temps and no problems with these cameras. I get about 4 - 5 months out of my batteries (use a good brand like duracell or energizer). The cheap batteries willl not last long. Picture quality is excellent. Mounting and installation is a breeze. I would say hardwired cameras are the ideal route, and more inexpensive but most finished homes will not allow for running wires etc. These cameras are the perfect solution.