ASUS 15.6" Gaming Laptop (Intel Core i7-8750H/1TB HDD/256GB SSD/16GB RAM/NVIDIA GTX1060/Windows 10)


  • Great Laptop!

    from Ontario on 12 juin 2019

    Been using this laptop for a while now and it runs fast. I am a student in software design and this laptop is perfect. Quiet when using normally but does make some noise during gaming as expected.

  • great pc

    from Israel on 4 mai 2019

    great laptop

  • Satisfied!

    from India on 28 avril 2019

    I had huge expectations on this laptop and im satisfied now!

  • Great

    from Canada on 24 avril 2019

    It is very great in most of games it FOS is very high but it need cost you much money on this notebook

  • Exceptional laptop

    from Calgary on 12 avril 2019

    A marked step up from previous Strix Scar 1 models. Everything is butter smooth and works as it issues thusfar. Fingerprints on keyboard surround hardly show now, fans (if/when they turn on) are quiet and unobtrusive. Wish they had this exact model in a 17 incher!

  • Wait for a sale

    from Kitchener, ON on 23 février 2019

    Pros: GTX 1060 is very capable. I was getting 70+ fps on high/ultra settings for the latest titles. Cons: Price High temperatures and loud fans. I think the cons are a reality of thin and light gaming laptops, so I wouldn't let it sway your decision. I decided that the cost and time required to maintain this beast wasn't worth it for me, however. I returned it for a cheaper alternative. It might be worthwhile to wait for a sale on GTX laptops as manufacturers roll out the new RTX series.

  • Republic of Gamers

    from Sudbury, ON on 10 janvier 2019

    Awesome gaming laptop from asus ROG, never had an issue with it, COD4, PUBG and other demanding games running smooth at 70+ FPS and 65c to 70c during max load

  • Absolutely Incredible

    from Alberta on 9 janvier 2019

    This is my first true gaming laptop. I upgraded recently to the Asus ROG Strix Scar II and wow what a difference. It runs amazing for any games I want to play and is super fast like next level fast. Heat is never a major issue at all and during heavy load game sessions I have never seen more than 75 celcius on the GPU or the CPU cores. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to do gaming on absolute maxed out settings as the combo of the i7 8750H and NVIDIA GTX1060 with 16GB RAM gets the job done no problem!! *Disclosure Statement* I am receiving points in the ROG Elite Rewards Loyalty Program for my review.

  • Great performer!

    from Saint Catharines, ON on 26 décembre 2018

    Bought this thing before Christmas when it went on sale. Initially I had some issues with performance: lots of hickups/lockups. The CallofDuty game that came with the purchase didn't want to play, and keyboard lighting problems. I was almost gonna return it but then I did a full factory reset, went on Asus site and manually upgraded all drivers and now runs smoothly like nothing I've had before. Keyboard lighting is good, game plays phenomenal, and haven't had one lockup in 3 weeks. The fan, really??, I find it is very quiet in normal use compared to my old laptop. Sure it gets loud during heavy game play but that's expected in a power laptop; you want good game play and good cpu cooling, not cpu throttling to happen. The only drawback I find, and perhaps to my regret, is that it does not come with Thunderbolt 3. Otherwise so far it would make it a 5/5.

  • Great Laptop

    from Kapuskasing, ON on 25 décembre 2018

    This laptop is a great choice for gaming and doing things at fast speeds. The SSD is speedy, while the hybrid drive is on the slower side at times. Yes, there is coil whine. Personally, I don't care about this too much since I'm always wearing a headset in a noisy room anyways. If you have noise around you, honestly who cares? The fans do kick on if you are installing software while the laptop is unplugged. The reason for this is obviously the laptop having a newer processor and good components that need to be kept cool. Installing programs should be done while the laptop is plugged-in. On idle or when watching videos and such, the laptop is quiet (Especially in silent mode of course). The screen is amazing -- playing games with 1920 x 1080 graphics at 144hz is a beautiful sight to see in my opinion. I can run all of my games on highest settings with no lag or other issues. Overall, this laptop is better than what people are reviewing it from what I see. Don't expect something computer-grade or similar to laptops with less power. Yes, the fans will kick on when doing intense stuff (especially unplugged) and yes, there is coil whine but when ignored, this laptop is great.