Asus 28" 4K Ultra HD 5ms GTG IPS LCD FreeSync Gaming Monitor (VG289Q) - Black

Model Number: VG289Q
Web Code: 14428798

Asus 28" 4K Ultra HD 5ms GTG IPS LCD FreeSync Gaming Monitor - Black


Enjoy every game with superior clarity on this ASUS GTG TUF gaming monitor. Its 28" IPS display with 4K resolution offers crystal clear visuals with precise colours. FreeSync and Adaptive-sync technologies provide a nearly tear-free gaming experience. Its ergonomic stand allows you to adjust the monitor to a convenient viewing angle at your desired height.
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Enjoy every game with superior clarity on this ASUS GTG TUF gaming monitor. Its 28" IPS display with 4K resolution offers crystal clear visuals with precise colours. FreeSync and Adaptive-sync technologies provide a nearly tear-free gaming experience. Its ergonomic stand allows you to adjust the monitor to a convenient viewing angle at your desired height.

  • 28" LCD IPS display with 3840 x 2160 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio delivers stunning visuals for an immersive gaming experience
  • 5ms GTG response time offers smooth, accurate movement even in fast-paced action sequences
  • FreeSync and Adaptive-Sync technology os compatible with AMD Radeon and NVIDEA GeForce graphics cards (sold separately) to offer fluid gameplay with less screen tearing and stuttering
  • HDR10 technology with DCI-P3 90% colour gamut offers a wider colour range and high contrast
  • Shadow Boost technology enhances the quality of dark images and scenes by optimizing the brightness without over-exposing to help identify your enemies easily
  • One DisplayPort and two HDMI (v. 2.0) ports to connect the monitor to your PC and other devices
  • Ergonomic stand with height, tilt, swivel, and pivot adjustments, so you can enjoy a convenient viewing angle at your desired height


Screen Size
28 in
4K Ultra HD
Native Resolution
3840 x 2160
Aspect Ratio
Display Type
Viewing Angle
178°(H) / 178°(V)
Response Time (Grey-to-Grey)
5 ms
350 cd/m²
Colour Gamut
DCI-P3 90%


Panel Technology


Built-in Speakers
Speaker Output Power


Input/Output Types
DisplayPort x 1; HDMI(v2.0) x 2


Auto Off

Stand/Mount Features

Tilt Adjustment
Swivel Adjustment
Height Adjustment
Rotate to Portrait
VESA Mountable

Physical Features

Dimensions with Stand (cm)
63.95 (W) x 40.513 (H) x 20 (D) cm
Dimensions with Stand (in)
25.18 (W) x 15.95 (H) x 7.87 (D) in
Dimensions without Stand (cm)
63.95 (W) x 36.96 (H) x 5.4 (D) cm
Dimensions without Stand (in)
25.18 (W) x 14.55 (H) x 2.13 (D) in
Weight (With Stand)
9 kg
Weight (Without Stand)
7.6 kg
  • Power Cord
  • DP Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • QSG

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  • Great 4k gaming monitor at a very good price!
    Reviewed by Androidaholic - May 29, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The new Asus 28” 4k Tuf Gaming series monitor featuring a WLED IPS screen is very impressive for the asking price. I have several high-end monitors that cost more and this Asus is hanging right in there with them. The colors are brilliant and gaming in 4k with this monitor is awesome if you have a good enough card to push it. To start with while unboxing and assembling the stand I noticed that this monitor has some weight to it and definitely seems built tough as the series name would indicate. It has a very appealing design and with the small bezel and awesome stand that articulates in every direction yes even vertically. You can also lower and raise it by sliding it and everything is very smooth. I have it hooked up with a DisplayPort cable that I already had hooked up to my PC but the monitor comes with one. This is the first time I have seen a monitor come with a displayport cable which I was also impressed by and happy to see. I did not have any issues playing games with this monitor and I can tell the difference moving from 2k to 4k while it’s not near as noticeable as moving from 1080p to 2k or 4k it is still definitely worth upgrading to a 4k monitor if you can afford the graphics card to push it. I am actually surprised that this monitor does not cost more because the screen quality is very good if you can live with the 60hz refresh rate. It is plenty bright and details are sharp with great color reproduction. It also has built-in speakers but they lacked good range on the low end but I use a headset so I do not really care about that. This monitor has a push-button/joystick menu control on the back right that is the easiest to use controls for a monitor menu that I have ever used. I really like the implementation of the joystick. It is the first time I have seen or used one like it. Unless you just can not live without a higher refresh rate and can afford paying for it, this Asus Tuf Gaming monitor is a good choice for 4k gaming and general everyday use as well.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • A TUF 4K Monitor to Beat! Pun Intended.
    Reviewed by Samrio - May 28, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] ASUS has been making some exceptional monitors for a few years now, and this gaming monitor is no exception. As I'd just built an ASUS TUF GAMING based PC, this was going to be an upgrade experience to remember; especially as I was lucky enough to find a retail priced Graphics Card (GPU) that's ready for 4K. In the box you'll find the monitor, the base portion of the monitor stand, a wire management cover, a power cord and power adapter, a displayport cable, and the various manuals and warranty information. Assembly requires that you take the monitor and attach the base, using a simple screw that’s already attached to the base for easy installation. The cable management piece attaches to the rear of the stand, allowing you to simply wind the cable through, which helps keep them connected during orientation adjustments. If you opt to mount the monitor, you can pop out the screw tabs on the rear of the VESA mount area, remove the existing stand, and then mount using a compatible wall mount. For inputs, you’ll find this has 2 HDMI and 1 DisplayPort input, along with a headphone jack for audio output. The ASUS stand is quite impressive, reminding me of a 3rd party option that allows for greater flexibility for different orientations. You can move the monitor up, down, tilt left or right, tilt it downward, and place the orientation anywhere between landscape and portrait to your viewing preference. In my opinion, this is probably one of the best OEM stands I’ve ever used on a monitor. I was planning on moving this to another stand that allowed for similar positioning and was surprised to find it was already up to the task! Since my newer GPU could use DisplayPort for 4K viewing, I opted to use the included cable, and was pleasantly surprised at the viewing area of the desktop when I powered on my PC. Being at 4K resolution, there was a lot more space for shortcuts, viewing websites, and a larger viewing area while gaming. I was also able to take advantage of the 4K resolution quality settings on websites like YouTube to view various videos posted by content creators I actively follow. There is a display driver you can install for this monitor, which requires a small download on the ASUS support website. I would highly recommend you install the driver, as this allowed my PC and GPU to properly view all the available resolutions and feature options for the monitor. The only limitation to using DisplayPort, is that you PC handles most of the output settings, and the monitor disables GameVisual, the Blue Light Filter, and color settings options in the display’s built in menus. However, HDR and Adaptive-Sync can still be toggled in the Image settings menu. While connected over HDMI, you can take advantage of the various GameVisual modes for automatic adjustments of picture for a better viewing experience. For instance, in scenery mode the Asus monitor adjusts the colors on the screen to mirror a “Dynamic” style setting helping colors stand out. In fact, there are several pre-defined GameVisual modes including Racing Mode, Cinema, RTS/RPG, FPS, sRGB, MOBA, and a user defined custom setting based on your adjustments. There is even a “GamePlus” menu that allows you to turn on an onscreen Crosshair (with various options), have an FPS counter displayed on screen during gameplay, set a timer, and even an option to help with display adjustments. All these options will display information on the screen to help you practice or assist with monitoring your overall performance. Playing games in 4K, I was able to make out more detail on screen, with a more vivid picture compared to my previous 1080P monitor. Games like WarZone, Red Dead Redemption, Star Trek Online, and World of Warcraft all felt new again thanks to the larger viewing area. With RDR2, I found myself avoiding fast travel points, and instead taking in the visual splendor of the landscape. WarZone gameplay in 4K and with FPS mode made the gameplay smoother overall with colors adjusted to assist with viewing everything in your field of view. The shadowboost is easily my favorite setting to adjust for games like RDR or the new Resident Evil, allowing for better viewing in darker environments, without washing out the image. I was also surprised to find there are two speakers built into the monitor with audio passthrough. You can enable the speakers While they aren’t the loudest, they offer a more flexible option for those currently lacking speakers or who want to quickly set up and go. The headphone jack allows for flexibility of connecting your favorite headphones or a line out for speakers, while using the joystick and menu to adjust volume on the fly. During louder volume settings, the speakers can clearly be heard clipping louder sounds. If you’re a streamer and have a capture card that will pass through 4K output, you’ll find this monitor a perfect pairing for streaming on apps like Twitch or YouTube. This is also a perfect monitor for those looking to do video editing in 4K or pair this with a new Macbook or Mac Mini. This has made my video and photo editing a breeze with a larger viewing area for apps, and tools easily able to stay out of the way of my preview windows! The blue light filter was also a game changer for me personally. Prior to using this monitor, I was using those cheap blue blocking glasses for longer edits. Now, I just turn on my preferred Blue Light Filter (mine is Level 2), and have noticed a significant change in my ability to avoid eye fatigue over the course of the day. My Blue Light glasses are now just sitting on my desk waiting for the day they might need to be used again. Overall, do I like this monitor? No, I LOVE THIS MONITOR! It’s changed my perception of 60hz vs 120hz+ refresh rates, as I’ve barely noticed any issues from the switch. The 4K resolution of this monitor has easily surpassed any expectation I had, and has become my go to for even console gaming with my Xbox Series X hooked up to the second HDMI port, fully taking advantage of the various picture options. If you’re a gamer looking to level up your monitor, this would be a solid choice for you!

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Great value - Great monitor
    Reviewed by Poocher917 - June 4, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] ASUS is one of the top brands in computer related products. I have always been confident when buying ASUS products. ASUS does it again with a high-quality reasonably prices 4K gaming monitor. This review is for the 28-inch ASUS monitor model number VG289Q. It has great color with an IPS screen for a very reasonable price. Sure it is 60 hz but a higher hz 4K monitor will add $100’s to your cost. A nice balance of cost and functionality. I also recommend you review the manual to understand all of the different settings available to you. I rate this as 5 out of 5 stars! Pros: - 4K resolution. - IPS panel. - Solid build. - Fully adjustable; including portrait orientation. - Many gaming presets. - Included speakers (if that matters to you). - Headphone jack. - GREAT color! - Includes Display Port cable. - Freesync/Adaptive-Sync technology - HDR10 - CDI-P3 90% color gamut and contrast performance Cons: - 60 hz refresh rate. - Location of connections. - Does not include HDMI cable. Unboxing and setting up the ASUS 28 inch 4K (3840x2160) was simple. When opening the package, you will find: monitor; Quick Start Guide; Warranty card; power cord, and Display Port (DP) cable. It is nice that at least one of the cables is included. Most people that are gaming will use a DP connection. If you need to use HDMI, you will need to get your own cable. I connected the monitor to the computer with the DP cable. The computer has an Nvidia 2070 graphics card. You will lay the monitor down and attach the base and handle for moving the monitor. You plug the DC cord and cables into the required spots. This is located just in front of the base on the monitor. I found this a little inconvenient and the base is in the way. Thank goodness you are not changing these connections very often! Your connections are: DC, DP, 2 x HDMI, earphone and a Kensington Lock (for a cable lock). The power button is located on the bottom right of the monitor. The other control buttons are found on the rear right of the monitor. Here is their function listed from top to bottom: 1. Toggle stick allowing you to navigate the menus. 2. Close – exit menus. 3. Game Plus: a. Crosshair – allows you to choose the crosshair type. This is useful on FPS games. I like the large green circle setting. b. Timer – I did not try this. c. FPS Counter – shows the frames per second for the game. d. Display alignment – used if you have multiple displays. 4. Game Visual: These are video preset modes. You cannot go wrong with Racing for gaming and Cinema for everything else. a. Scenery – for viewing scenery phots and videos. b. Racing – my favorite for gaming. c. Cinema – my favorite for movies and streaming. d. RTS/RPG: for real time strategy and role play games. e. FPS: for first person shooter. f. sRGB: for photos and graphics. g. MOBA: enhances enemy health bars. h. User: make your own settings. 5. Blue light filter: the higher the number to more blue light is filtered. There are many other benefits and settings for this monitor. I encourage you to read the manual to understand these. This monitor is AMAZING!

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • bang for your bucks!
    Reviewed by Naztynestor - May 27, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Pros - This a great 4k monitor, if you enjoy having all the 4k crisp graphics when playing PC instead of having high frame rate then look no further - for the price for $349 Asus VG289Q is a perfect budget monitor who games on PC/ Console all just a video editor - IPS panels also delivers some great colors like a VA panel, its great viewing angles, colors doesn’t fade when you’re off center - this monitor also comes with 2 HDMI 2.0 one Displayport, a headphone jack at the back, and built in speakers, ( I wouldn’t rely on these speakers tho but it’s still a nice touch to have speakers as part of the monitor. - it’s also equipped with Freesync, of if you have AMD GPU make sure to turn freesync on - i’ve tested this monitor on playing Apex legends , Warzone and Rainbow Six, and yes this monitor is only 60hz meaning up to 60fps of games. - the game did look great on 4k, MCC on PC looks great with this monitor. and running 60fps on PC did not bother me one bit. but then you switch back to higher frame monitor you realize how amazing it performs and seeing how smoother it is - the monitor have couple of game visual setting you can choose from to see what fit your liking on how you want the game to look, I prefer either user or racing settings best - black level looks great as well, loading a game from a VA panel to IP you sure will spot how much having an IPS monitor help with the vibrancy of the world in video games - but if you would really want to take advantage of this monitor, it’s best to be used for consoles, specially the latest PS5/ Xbox Series X. most of their games usually maxed out of either 4k, and the monitor is perfect for it. - Asus VG 289Q also support HDR it’s a positive and a negative on this one, but I wanted to highlight to let you guys know that it’s there and will activate on games that support HDR - sometimes HDR says it’s active and sometimes it will be off even tho i’m playing a game that supports HDR - playing 4k warzone on my PC compare to warzone on console, the game looks better on console, while on PC you’ll need to adjust settings to make sure you could reach that higher 60fps - 28” inc for a monitor in my option is the sweet spot, it’s perfect size for me when I game. i have zero issues reading the text it’s just perfect! cons - about the HDR on this monitor, honestly it helped a tiny bit, so I don’t consider this a true HDR. it does improve the color in a small way, it’s not enough to make me say wow, the picture quality still look SDR - I wish the console provide some shortcuts to switching ports, you literally have to use the setting and choose ports to be able to change it, no way around it - that’s including dealing with the built in speaker, to adjust the volume as well, you will need go to the settings. terrible idea. TUF gaming VG289q like I said is the perfect budget gaming monitor, it’s so much worth it from what it offer in the box. you have a very clean minimalist from design solid IPS, HDR monitor, having the ability to display and be used vertically is well worth of asking price. high recommend it for the price and for console gamers out there you will enjoy playing on this beautiful gaming monitor!

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Previously Returned Merchandise
    Verified BuyerReviewed by theinspector069 - January 5, 2022

    I experienced issues with two of these monitors. The first one has a defective “Menu” toggle switch. In addition, the ASUS tape seal was broken on the box upon delivery. Easily to use if the function worked properly. The exchange was also defective as well. The ASUS box was severely wet at the upper right hand corner. The right channel was lower than that of the left channel. Thereby, causing an unbalanced audio effect.

    Review originally posted on

    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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