ASUS C523 15.6" Chromebook - Silver (Intel Dual-Core Celeron N3350/64GB eMMC/4GB RAM/Chrome OS)


  • depending on what you need it for

    from Mississauga on 3 février 2020

    This is not a laptop; it's not a tablet either, but it runs same software as one. You have google, android apps... that's it. Pros: It's light, very fast to open, run, connect... Excellent for browsing, YouTube, watching videos, music.. Cons: I mainly wanted to edit word documents on this device; it was very difficult to do... ms word, word online, wps office... all give different results, none of them what I get from a regular laptop with office. It is not designed to store documents locally, its mainly for cloud storage

  • Keys stop working

    from Toronto on 9 janvier 2020

    It was all good until then not even a been a month and a half and the keys stop working

  • Glorified tablet

    from Belmont on 6 janvier 2020

    Great mobile computer for a cheap price. The Chrome Os is different from Windows but overall most tasks can be accomplished on the chromebook. Some programs that do not have an app version may have issues running but any that do have the app version should be good to go. Added benefit of longer battery life due to less cumbersome OS which also allows for quicker startups. Overall pleased with 1st week of chromebook vs windows laptop.

  • Value of money

    from Brampton on 5 janvier 2020

    I was looking for laptop ,But do not wanted to go for windows as I am fed up with all kind of problems of os even windows 10. This Chromebook bought on sale for 299. Setup is very easy just you have to login your google account done. Big screen. Its fast and wake up like your mobile. Wifi connectivity is good Battery life around 6-7 hrs depends on the usage. It is mobile device you can not install programs but you have to install apps. I even installed word and excel app from my school account ,It works. Added MicroSD card so I have more then enough storage. Chrome is new OS some old printer do not have driver for it. but you can always use apps like brother iprint and scan to print .similar you print from your mobile. Kids can directly login to their school account and work .don't need to buy fancy ipad or mac which will out date after 3 years and you have to buy again. Make sure you have 64GB RAM if you buy chromebook. with 300$ you can't go wrong.

  • Need to work on the back light & charging

    from Calgary on 29 novembre 2019

    I like a brighter screen for certain situations... It took me a month to get used to it. For the screen size and if it's for internet it is fine but not always as fast as my older ACER. One other thing I would say that the charging port is worrisome as today I had to exchange the one I bought NOV 2 because I had to wiggle the cord ro get it to charge. Be carfull if you have to use when charging (without a desk on lap lol) as I think one move the wrong way it and the charge cord and port will not work the same. Other than that the key board is smooth and for a cheaper chromebook it's worth it.

  • Hello gamers, welcome to my review

    from General Motors Co. TM on 2 novembre 2019

    I purchased this Chromebook gaming machine and it has served me very well. I can run at like 500FPS on this bad boy. 15.6" screen for extra real estate, very convenient when I am hard core gaming. Battery life is sub-par, if you are easy on your gaming it will last you at least 6-7 hours. It has a quality design, made with aluminium. Thin bezels around the screen, with a 1366x768 resolution. The specifications are optimal for chess gamers. Asus really did a great job with this laptop. I highly recommend to my fellow gamers. Well worth the price. I got it on sale for $320 before taxes. I would buy it 500 times again. It really is that good. This is 100% not a paid review. *sponsored by Asus computers*