Avengers 4-Movie Collection Steelbook (Only at Best Buy) (4K Ultra HD) (Blu-ray Combo)


  • Dented and Scratched

    from  on September 11, 2019

    Seriously Best Buy?!? My very expensive box set showed up in a plastic bag and guess what? Yep it had a big scratch and multiple dents Went the store and was told it was soldout and there was nothing they could do Ahhhhhh Cool Man! With very limited stock you keep you think you could at least take care of the product. You guys are making it not fun to collect these things.

  • Looks like I'm not alone

    from Canada on August 14, 2019

    Just like the other reviewers here, my product arrived in a bubble mailer, not in a box like the single disc steelbook that was delivered with it. *eye roll* My set was dented and scratched with torn plastic. Called to have it resolved with Customer Service (product was miraculously still showing as in stock) the phone call took entirely too long and my mistake of not reordering right away and thinking Best Buy customer service could take care of it. Now it's sold out and I'm stuck with a damaged set.

  • Absolute joke for shipping packaging

    from Edmonton, AB on August 14, 2019

    I guess you can add my name to what will probably be a growing list of disgruntled customers about how this Limited edition 4k steelbook collection was packaged. I chuckle when the single limited edition steelbooks come in a box about 4 times the size and with some airbags to somewhat protect the steel book so I only thought logically that a steel book collection that we paid 4x the price would come in a box. Boy was i wrong. The collection came in the thinnest bubble envelope you can probably get. There were dents on every side except 2. The end of the case which i initially thought was the front case enclosure was dented in so much i thought i wouldn't be able to get the movie out. I later realized after finally taking off the plastic wrap that it was the back. Disappointed doesn't even begin to describe what i felt. Whoever in their shipping depot made the decision to package what is a very limited, expensive item in what in all practical purpose is a thick paper envelope should be reassigned. A very long phone call to Customer Service was made. Needless to say, I had to accept the damaged product or refund it. Based on past experiences, they'll probably never get any more in. At least i was offered some compensation discount for what essentially is a damaged product. I don't blame customer service as they were more than understanding but Best Buy needs to seriously review how they package products properly and adequately for shipping.

  • A must have for collectors and fan

    from Montreal, Quebec on August 14, 2019

    I'm actually here to review the product and not the state it was shipped in. I personally had no expectation for it from the beginning. but i got blown away as soon as I received it! I was expecting some cardboard case holding 4 movies inside but boy was I wrong... the Slight debossing for the avengers logo on the outer case was a nice touch. Having a steelbook collections I was worried that the glossy cases will get scratched over time but they integrated separator for each movie... big wow! I honestly didn't plan to leave a review but I'm so annoyed at how this amazing product got such a low rating because of shipping issues... That's something for customer service fyi. When i look at a product's review I want to know if it's any good not your personal issue causing a bad rating. PS. Mine shipped in a box.

  • Extremely Disappointed!!!

    from Toronto on August 13, 2019

    I don't know who's dumdass idea it was but today I received my preorder and well it was packaged in a most stupidest of ways... in an envelope... yup so before I even opened it I knew I was in for disappointment. The Steelbook casing that contain the 4 movies in was all dented and the only reason I am not returning it is because it sold out and like other Steelbooks they wont restock them. Poor lousy packaging.

  • Not packaged well, ended up getting a badly dented steelbook

    from Calgary, Alberta on August 13, 2019

    Got it in the mail yesterday. Pretty disappointed that it was packaged and sent using a bubble mailer envelope instead of a box. The outer steelbook case that houses all 4 steelbooks was badly dented. Came to the store to have it exchanged... bad news is product is sold out everywhere. Way to go bestbuy canada..., very unhappy customer here.