Avengers: Endgame (SteelBook) (Only at Best Buy) (4K Ultra HD) (Blu-ray Combo)


  • Classy

    from Brampton on August 17, 2019

    Ordered it the day it was released as i don't trust pre-orders that much, but it arrived 2 days later and I'm happy with the overall artwork and the contents inside. Love this 3000 and can't wait to watch endgame for a 17th time and the arrival of more steel books in the future, i'll get em all whatever it takes..


    from Victoria, BC on August 15, 2019

    A warning to those, like myself, who have not seen End Game yet. There are potential SPOILERS on the instde cover on this Steelbook. I know of a few events that occur based on the vicious nature of the internet, and this inside cover strongly eludes to them. If you know nothing about the outcome of this film I suggest not looking to closely at this Steelbook until after you have watched it. I plan on watching it tomorrow.

  • Avengers endgame

    from Tex on August 14, 2019

    Awesome steel book

  • Endgame

    from Calgary on June 28, 2019

    Gonna buy the movie the day it comes out!!!

  • Pre order was up now back to backorder haha

    from Brampton on June 23, 2019

    I got lucky and snagged this as a pre order now it again back to backorder. Just keep checking this page and look for the pre order to come back up, Got my email verification and all, before i pre ordered it all it showed was back order like now and i back ordered it but i got no email or any heads up that pre orders wil be back so luckily i chacked a few days later and pre orders were back. Back ordering this means nothing as far as i no.

  • Great movie but still book cover art

    from Edmonton on June 8, 2019

    The movie was really really good but the steel book cover art is a big disappointment. Considering it's the final movie of The Infinity Saga, all of the promotional movie posters for this movie had better artwork than this still book. Nonetheless I still pre-order it but I'm disappointed with the artwork. Come on Marvel you guys are known for amazing art.

  • This case leaves a lot to be desired...

    from Montreal on June 5, 2019

    As expected, we're getting the same steelbook than Best Buy US... which is a damn shame, since that case is genuinely butt-ugly. Honestly, I saw a fan-made concept art for it on High-Def Ninja that make this one looks quite amateurish. But, evidently, this is the one were stuck with... if we can even get our hands on it. This new 'Available for backorder' listing is quite suspicious - seems like BB Canada are trying to give themselves a way out to justify their very probable low stocks. As a customer, I'm quite unimpressed with this lack of transparency, but I guess it beats getting continuously describe as the sad/poor-man version of their US counterpart, because they rarely have the limited editions they advertised. It will be interesting to see what will happen, this upcoming August - I know for a fact I've bought this item no more than mere hours after its addition to the site, but still... you just never know. Adding this movie to my collection, though, is unsurprisingly a huge priority; so 'gotta wait and see if BB will remain a honest retailer, on this one. This coming August sure is going to be interesting.

  • Pre-Order = Get your steelbook

    from Canada on June 4, 2019

    Again! I pre-order my steelbooks and they keep arriving! it must be Magic or something! if you dont know this movie yet. dont buy it. your too far out of the loop

  • Great Movie

    from Toronto on June 1, 2019

    Things that don't have a release date go up as Backorder. It's not sold out... Chill out.

  • Backordered?

    from Langley on May 31, 2019

    It's still available for pre-order on so why is it backordered for Canada? Why do Canadians get treated 2nd-rate or lower?