Baby Brezza Formula Pro


  • Love it

    from Montreal on 13 août 2019

    Game changer

  • Not a fan

    from Ingersoll on 5 août 2019

    I was excited to received this product but when I got it and read the instructions I got disappointed. Maybe for others it’s a life saver but having to clean it every after 4 bottles is an extra work for me as I am already washing and sanitizing 10 bottles a day. Had to return it to the store as I don’t like extra work and having to wait for 3 mins to get the bottle warm up is easier than having to clean this machine 2x a day.

  • God sent!!!!

    from Brampton, ON on 11 mai 2019

    Every mom needs this it amazing 🤩 totally a god sent! 5 stars!! Have given it as a baby shower gift as well!!!!!

  • Game-changer!

    from Vancouver, BC on 4 février 2019

    As an adoptive parent who is unable to breastfeed, the Formula Pro is indeed a game-changer. Being able to have a warm bottle ready in about 6 seconds is a huge weight off our shoulders at 3:30 in the morning while holding a crying baby. We tried a couple different types of formula until we found one that sat well with baby, and the unit is able to adapt to the different formulas on the Canadian market. All of the ones we can find in stores are mentioned in the detailed instructions and there are specific ways to setup the machine to ensure your baby is getting the right amount based on the brand/type. This is likely the best baby investment we've made.

  • Don't feel safe with it - dispenses formula & water incorrectly

    from Brantford, ON on 17 janvier 2019

    I was very excited to get this product with my first child. It keeps water at the right temperature, dispenses bottles with a button. Very easy for the grandparents to use when helping out. However, at about 2m old when we started to use the Brezza, my baby was getting fussy and having BM issues, accepting the bottle for the first few ounces then refusing the rest. The only thing I could think of was the Brezza, and sure enough after MacGyver'ing a method to catch the formula, I was able to measure and find it was dispensing significantly less formula than it should have. I was doing all the correct maintenance and cleaning, everything was on the right settings, but we couldn't get it to dispense the correct amount. We ended up just using it as an expensive water heater, putting the formula in the bottle by hand and dispensing the water only with the Brezza. WIth my second child, I decided to give it a go again since we were on a different formula. Same issues again. We switched to a different formula, still the same issue. I tested it by preparing a bottle by hand, a bottle with the Brezza and a bottle with just water. When I weighed them, I found that the hand made bottle ended up as 36g of formula and the Brezza bottle only 24g. That's a HUGE difference! Once again, we are using it as an expensive water heater, but now it's also even failing at that! Rather than 240mL of water, it's been consistently dispensing 217mL. I know some people are thrilled with theirs and don't have these issues. But even if I do just happen to have a "lemon," I find that completely unacceptable for a product that is doing something as important as preparing an infant's food.

  • Game Changer!

    from Winnipeg, MB on 17 février 2018

    So, we came home from the hospital with a new baby thinking I was going to breastfeed... needless to say I had issue after issue so we resorted to formula. We bought bottles and we were heating the formiula up the old fashioned way in hot water...then we upgraded to a bottle warmer. Let me tell you one thing... when your baby is loosing their mind because they are hungry those 2-3 minutes in the warmer are DREADFUL. We came across the brezza and after reading what it does we came to the consensus that this machine was a Keurig coffee maker but for formula... and that's EXACTLY what it is. It's amazing. You can make a 8oz bottle, and it comes out the perfect temp in like 5 seconds and that's no exaggeration). Best purchase to simplify life with a baby and to keep the meltdowns on the down-low!

  • Baby Brezza formula pr.

    from Québec, QC on 5 septembre 2017

    Ce produit est merveillleux, le lait est prêt à boire, bonne température pas de grumeaux .Ma fille est enchantée. Je ne regrette pas mon achat.