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  • Model #: 90-N6EPW2000
  • Web Code: 11427380
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Replacement Laptop/Notebook Adapter for Acer Aspire 1350, TravelMate 4520/7720, Asus A2/A2000, F2/F2000, M2/M2000, Pro 50/62/64, Asus S6/U3/V2/X55/Z62, AC90W1, 04G266006001, 90-N00PW5300T, ADP-90SBBB, 90-N6EPW2010. 19V 4.74A 90W Laptop Adapter (Fixed C-Tip). 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty. Please make sure the DC output and tip size are compatible before placing the order.

More Information

Compatible with the following Acer/Asus models: AcerNote 730i, AcerNote 734, AcerNote 735, AcerNote 750, AcerNote 760, AcerNote 763, AcerNote 765, AcerNote 780, AcerNote 782, AcerNote 784, AcerNote 786, AcerNote 787, AcerNote 788, AcerNote 789, Aspire 1350, TravelMate 4520, TravelMate 7720, AMS Tech TravelPro 100, AMS Tech TravelPro 12CT, AMS Tech TravelPro 180, AMS Tech TravelPro 1900, AMS Tech TravelPro 1950, AMS Tech TravelPro 1965, AMS Tech TravelPro 2000, AMS Tech TravelPro 2010, AMS Tech TravelPro 2030, AMS Tech TravelPro 2500, AMS Tech TravelPro 2550, AMS Tech TravelPro 255C, AMS Tech TravelPro 2570, AMS Tech TravelPro 257CXA, AMS Tech TravelPro 2580, AMS Tech TravelPro 2595CXA, AMS Tech TravelPro 6020ECX, AMS Tech TravelPro 6030ECX, AMS Tech TravelPro 6040ECX, AMS Tech TravelPro EX 105CT, A2, A2000, A2500, A2C, A2L, A3, A3000, A3500L, A3A, A3Ac, A3E, A3Fc, A3Fp, A3G, A3H, A3L, A3N, A3Vc, A3Vp, A40J, A41ID, A41IE, A42, A42D, A42E, A42F, A42J, A42N, A42Qr, A43C, A43E, A43SA, A43SD, A43SJ, A43SV, A52, A52F, A52J, A52N, A6, A6000, A62, A6E, A6F, A6G, A6J, A6K, A6L, A6M, A6N, A6R, A6T, A6U, A6V, A7, A72, A75, A7C, A7D, A7F, A7G, A7J, A7K, A7M, A7S, A7T, A7V, A8, A8000, A83, A84, A8A, A8D, A8F, A8G, A8H, A8J, A8M, A8N, A8S, A8Sc, A8T, A8Z, A9, A9000, A93, A93S, A95, A9500T, A95A, A95V, A9C, A9R, A9Rt, A9T, A9W, B1, B1000, B43, B50A, B51E, B53, F2, F2000F, F2000Hf, F2000J, F2F, F2HF, F2J, F3, F3000F, F3000J, F3000M, F3000P, F3000T, F3A, F3E, F3F, F3H, F3J, F3K, F3L, F3M, F3P, F3Q, F3s, F3T, F3U, F5, F502, F50Gx, F50Q, F50S, F50Z, F550, F5C, F5GL, F5M, F5N, F5R, F5SL, F5Sr, F5V, F5Z, F6A, F6E, F6H, F6K, F6S, F6V, F6Ve, F7000, F70S, F75A, F75VD, F7B, F7E, F7F, F7Kr, F7L, F7Se, F7Sr, F7Z, F8, F80, F81, F83, F85, F86, F8Dc, F8P, F8Sa, F8Tr, F8Va, F9, F9D, F9E, F9F, F9F, F9J, F9J, F9S, F9S, G1, G1P, G1S, G2K, G2P, G2S, J33Jt, K40, K41, K42, K43, K450, K50, K51, K52, K53, K54, K55, K60, K61, K62, K65, K6C11, K70, K7010, K70A, K70I, K72, K73, K75, K751, K751L, K751M, K751S, K75A, K75D, K75V, K84, K93, K95, L1, L1000, L13, L1300, L13B, L14, L1400, L1A, L1B, L2, L2000, L2400D, L2B, L2D, L2E, L3000, L34, L3400, L34C, L38, L3800, L38C, L38S, L3C, L3D, L3H, L3S, L3TP, L4, L4000, L41, L42, L44, L45, L4500, L4E, L4H, L4L, L4R, L50, L7400, LC3800S, M2, M2000, M24, M2400, M24A, M24E, M24N, M3, M3000, M3Ae, M3N, M3NP, M50, M50Q, M50S, M50V, M51A, M51E, M52, M5200, M6, M60, M6000, M67, M6700, M67N, M68, M6800, M68N, M6BN, M6N, M6V, M70, M9, M9A, M9F, M9J, M9V, N10E, N10J, N20, N20A, N43, N43D, N43E, N43F, N43J, N43N, N43S, N45, N45E, N45F, N45J, N45S, N46, N46V, N50A, N50E, N50F, N50T, N51, N52A, N52D, N52F, N52J, N52S, N52V, N53, N53D, N53E, N53F, N53J, N53N, N53S, N53T, N53V, N55, N55E, N55S, N56, N56V, N60Dp, N61, N61D, N61J, N61V, N61W, N6DA, N70Sv, N71Ja, N71Vg, N73SM, N75, N75E, N75S, N76, N76V, N80, N81Vp, N82E, N82J, P31, P41, P42, P45, P52, P62, P750L, P80A, P80Q, P82, P82Jr, Pro 50, Pro 62, Pro 64, Pro P750L, Pro10, Pro21, Pro30, Pro31, Pro32, Pro33, Pro34, Pro35, Pro36, Pro44, Pro4G, Pro4H, Pro4I, Pro4J, Pro4K, Pro4L, Pro50, Pro51, Pro52, Pro55, Pro57, Pro58, Pro59, Pro5A, Pro5B, Pro5C, Pro5D, Pro5E, Pro5G, Pro5I, Pro5J, Pro5K, Pro5L, Pro5M, Pro5N, Pro5P, Pro5Q, Pro5R, Pro60, Pro61, Pro62, Pro63, Pro64, Pro65, Pro66, Pro67, Pro79, Pro88, Pro8C, Pro8D, Pro8S, R1, R1E, R1F, R400, R500, R700, S1300N, S13N, S3262, S40, S405, S46, S505, S56, S6, S62, S6F, S6Fm, S96, SW1 VBl, T12, T9, T9000, T93, T9300, T93A, T94, T9400, T94A, T9A, U1E, U1F, U2E, U30, U31, U33, U35, U36, U3S, U41, U42, U43, U45, U46, U47, U5, U51, U52, U53, U56, U57, U5A, U5F, U6E, U6S, U6V, U81, U82, V1, V2, V50V, V6, V6000, V68V, V6J, V6V, VivoBook X402, VivoBook X551MA, VX1, VX2S, VX3, VX5, W1, W1000, W1G, W1N, W1V, W3, W3000, W3A, W3J, W3N, W3V, W3Z, W5, W5000, W5A, W5F, W5V, W6A, W6F, W6K, W7, W7000, W7F, W7J, W7S, W90V, X32, X35, X42, X44, X452, X50, X51, X52, X53, X55, X552, X555, X55S, X57, X58, X59, X5A, X5C, X5D, X5E, X5J, X5M, X61, X64, X65, X66, X67, X70, X71, X72, X73SL, X75, X751, X75A, X75V, X77, X80, X83, X85, X87, X88, X8A, X8B, X8C, X8D, X8S, Y481, Y581, Z33, Z3300, Z33A, Z35, Z53, Z62, Z6200, Z62F, Z62J, Z6300A, Z63A, Z7000, Z70, Z71, Z7100, Z80, Z8000, Z8300, Z83, Z8400, Z84, Z91, Z9100, Z92, Z9200, Z9300, Z93, Z9600, Z96

Compatible with the following part numbers: 103923, 103924, 103942, 104256, 104303, 104365, 104485, 105395, 1528569, 1533789, 2525534, 6500591, 6500693, 6500706, 6500714, 6500721, 6506083, 0220A1990, 04G266006001, 04G266006060, 04G266006080, 04G266006220, 04G266008920, 04G266010600, 04G266010610, 04G266010620, 12-00118-30, 122-0041-000, 158-057421-000, 2521974R, 2521997R, 310-1958, 6506063R, 7U870, 808-875692-010A, 83-110093-2100, 83-110106-2400, 90-N00PW5200T, 90-N00PW5300T, 90-N00PW5500T, 90-N00PW5700T, 90-N6APW2010, 90-N6EPW2000, 90-N6EPW2010, 90-N6EPW2012, 90-NAPAW2000, 90-XB04N0PW00030Y, 90-XB04N0PW00040Y, 9T458, AC90W1, ACDCADAP, ACE83-110093-2100, ACE83-110106-2400, ACE83-110114, ADP-45CD, ADP-60ZH, ADP64, ADP-65 HB BBCF, ADP-65 HB BBEF, ADP-75FB, ADP-90CD, ADP-90CD DB, ADP-90CDDB, ADP-90CDDB/BB, ADP-90FB BB, ADP-90SB BB, ADP-90SBBB, ADP-90YD B, API3AD030, ASS5NE, AZ121508, EXA0904YH, F4813-60901, FPCAC62W, K000002140, K000004590, K000043490, K000826160, K000831951, LSE0220A1990, N17908, PA-11, PA-1480-19T, PA-1900-03, PA-1900-05W, PA-1900-24, PA-1900-36, PA-1900-66, PA3164U, PA3164U-1ACA, PA3165U, PA3516E-1AC3, PA3516U, PA5035U-1ACA, PPP014S, PX5035E-1PWR, QCD1ACYZZZTA43, QND1ACYZZZ0031, QND1ACYZZZ0073, QND1ACYZZZTA43, QND1ACYZZZTA60, REV A1, SA80-3115, SA80T-3115, SA80T-3115-1412, VA15B21001637, VPRN-AC100

What's in the Box?

  • Adapter, Cable


  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)
  • Type
    AC Adapter, Charger, Power Cord, Power Supply
  • Colour
  • Compatibility
    AcerNote 730i; AcerNote 734; AcerNote 735; AcerNote 750; AcerNote 760; AcerNote 763; AcerNote 765; AcerNote 780; AcerNote 782; AcerNote 784; AcerNote 786; AcerNote 787; AcerNote 788; AcerNote 789; Aspire 1350; TravelMate 4520; TravelMate 7720; AMS Tech TravelPro 100; AMS Tech TravelPro 12CT; AMS Tech TravelPro 180; AMS Tech TravelPro 1900; AMS Tech TravelPro 1950; AMS Tech TravelPro 1965; AMS Tech TravelPro 2000; AMS Tech TravelPro 2010; AMS Tech TravelPro 2030; AMS Tech TravelPro 2500; AMS Tech
  • Specific Device Compatibility
  • Designed For Laptops
  • Other Features
    Input AC100-240V / 50-60Hz; Output 19V 4.74A 90W
  • Dimensions
  • What's in the Box
  • Warranty Labour
    1 Year(s)
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



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  • from Surrey, BC

Happy Buyer!

Fast Shipping! received it within 2days.

  • from Chatham Ontario

asus aspire laptop adaptor

I purchased an adaptor from you and have had it for a week and it hasn't done any charging of my laptop. Please inform me if it is possible that it killed my new battery or if it is just faulty. It seems not to connect in the plug hole as well.