BattDepot: Replacement Laptop Adapter for ADP-65DB/SADP-65KB/PA-1650-78. 19V 3.42A 65W Laptop Adapter - Online Only

  • Model #: PA-1650-78
  • Web Code: 11307395
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Replacement Laptop/Notebook Adapter for ADP-65DB, AP.06503.003, PA-1650-22, SADP-65KB, 04G266003162, 04G2660031S0, 90-N6APW2004, EXA0703YH, 7601056220, PA-1750-01, ADP-65HB, FMVAC315S, LPADL1, ACC10. 19V 3.42A 65W Laptop Adapter (Fixed C-Tip). 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty. Please make sure the DC output and tip size are compatible before placing the order.

More Information

Compatible with the following models: AcerNote 730, AcerNote 730C, AcerNote 850C, TravelMate 310, TravelMate 320, Advent 4211, Advent Mondena M100, Advent Mondena M200, Advent Quantum Q100, Advent Quantum Q201, Advent Sienna 300, Advent Sienna 500, Advent Sienna 700, Advent Sienna 710, Asus A42F, Asus A43, Asus A45, Asus A450, Asus A46, Asus A53, Asus A54, Asus A55, Asus A550, Asus A550C, Asus A55A, Asus A55VD, Asus A56, Asus A56C, Asus B43A, Asus B43F, Asus B43S, Asus B43V, Asus B53F, Asus B53S, Asus E46C, Asus E56, Asus F301, Asus F401, Asus F45, Asus F450, Asus F45A, Asus F45C, Asus F45U, Asus F501, Asus F501A, Asus F501U, Asus F52, Asus F550, Asus F552, Asus F751, Asus F82, Asus K40C, Asus K43, Asus K45, Asus K46, Asus K50C, Asus K50IJ, Asus K55, Asus K550, Asus K555L, Asus K55DE, Asus K55, Asus K55VJ, Asus K55VS, Asus K56, Asus K60IJ, Asus K72F, Asus L80, Asus M2A, Asus M2C, Asus M2E, Asus M2N, Asus P24E, Asus P43E, Asus P450, Asus P46, Asus P50, Asus P50I, Asus P53, Asus P55, Asus P550, Asus P55A, Asus P81, Asus PL30, Asus PL30Jt, Asus PL80, Asus PL80J, Asus PL80Jt, Asus Pro23, Asus Pro32U, Asus Pro4Q, Asus Pro5J, Asus Pro5T, Asus R405, Asus R409, Asus R505, Asus R510, Asus R550, Asus S301, Asus S40 Ultrabook, Asus S401, Asus S405 Ultrabook, Asus S40C, Asus S46 Ultrabook, Asus S46C, Asus S50, Asus S501, Asus S505 Ultrabook, Asus S50C, Asus S550, Asus S56 Ultrabook, Asus Transformer Book Flip TP500L, Asus Transformer Book Flip TP550LA, Asus U20, Asus U20A, Asus U20F, Asus U20FT, Asus U20G, Asus U24, Asus U24A, Asus U24E, Asus U32, Asus U36, Asus U40S, Asus U44, Asus U44S, Asus U44SG, Asus U47A, Asus U48, Asus U48C, Asus U50, Asus U58, Asus U6E, Asus U80, Asus U81, Asus U82U, Asus U84, Asus U84S, Asus U89, Asus U89V, Asus UL20, Asus UL20A, Asus UL20G, Asus UL20VT, Asus UL30, Asus UL30A, Asus UL30Jt, Asus UL30Vt, Asus UL50, Asus UL50A, Asus UL50V, Asus UL50Vt, Asus UL80, Asus UL80A, Asus UX50, Asus UX50V, Asus V550, Asus V550C, Asus V6000Va, Asus V68, Asus V6800, Asus V6800V, Asus VivoBook S300, Asus VivoBook S400, Asus VivoBook S400E, Asus VivoBook S500, Asus VivoBook S505C, Asus VivoBook S550, Asus VivoBook S550CA, Asus VivoBook S550CB, Asus VivoBook S550CM, Asus VivoBook S551L, Asus VivoBook U38N, Asus VivoBook V550, Asus VivoBook V550C, Asus VivoBook V551L, Asus X24E, Asus X301, Asus X401, Asus X43, Asus X45, Asus X450, Asus X450C, Asus X450E, Asus X450EA, Asus X450EP, Asus X450L, Asus X450V, Asus X451, Asus X455L, Asus X45A, Asus X45C, Asus X45U, Asus X45V, Asus X45VD, Asus X501, Asus X54, Asus X550, Asus X75A, Asus X75VD, Asus X84, Asus X87, Asus X8A, Asus Z6100A, Asus Z9, Asus Z9000, Asus Z99, Averatec AV2260, Averatec AV3120, Averatec AV3123, Averatec 1000, Averatec N1579DHE-1, BenQ JoyBook R58, Clevo L297N, Clevo M72SR, Clevo M72SRS, Clevo M740K, Clevo M740S, Clevo M740TG, Clevo M745K, Clevo M745TG, Clevo M746K, Clevo M746TG, Clevo M748K, Clevo M748TG, Clevo M760TG, Clevo M761TG, Clevo M762TG, Clevo M765TG, Clevo M766TG, Clevo M767TG, Clevo M770S, Clevo M770SU, Clevo M771S, Clevo M771SU, Clevo M775S, Clevo M810, Clevo M815L, Clevo M817L, Clevo R130T, Clevo TN120R, Clevo TN120T, Clevo TN121T, Clevo W760K, Clevo W760TG, Clevo W761K, Clevo W761S, Clevo W761TG, Clevo W763K, Clevo W763TG, Clevo W765K, Clevo W765TG, Inspiron 1000, Inspiron 3500, Inspiron B130, Latitude 110L, Latitude 120L, Latitude 425, Latitude 433M, Latitude 475C, Latitude 475D, Amilo A1650, Amilo K7600, Amilo Li 3560, Amilo Li 3710, Amilo Li 3910, Amilo Pi 3560, Amilo Pi 3660, Amilo Pro V2040, Amilo Pro V2060, Amilo Pro V2085, FMV-BIBLO LOOX T50, FMV-BIBLO LOOX T70, FMV-BIBLO LOOX T75, Lifebook UH570

Compatible with the following part numbers: ADP-65DB, AP.06503.003, AP.06503.006, AP.06503.007, AP.06503.008, AP.06503.009, AP.06503.010, AP.06503.011, AP.06503.012, AP.06503.013, AP.06503.016, PA-1650-22, PA-1700-02, SADP-65KB, SADP-65KBD, 04G266003162, 04G266003163, 04G2660031M0, 04G2660031M1, 04G2660031S0, 04G2660031T0, 04G2660031T2, 04G2660031T3, 04G2660031U0, 04G2660031V0, 04G2660047D0, 04G2660047L1, 90-N6APW2004, ADP-45BW B, ADP-65GD B, ADP-65JH BB, ADP-65WH AB, ADP-65WH BB, EXA0703YH, EXA1203YH, PA-1650-66, PA-1650-78, 0335A2065, 7601056220, 760116515A, 76-011651-5A, LSE9802B2060, PA160005, PA1600-05, PA-1750-01, SA2003301, SA7601056220, SA76-010562-20, 177625-001, 177626001, 180676001, 222113001, 298237001, ACADPT0004R, ACADPT0007R, ACC10, ACC10K, AC-C26, ADP-40RB, LPACQ1, TPC-PCA-002, VSACC24666, DLPS3200, F9710, LPADL1, LPADL2, LPADL3, PA-16, ADP-65HB, ADP-65HB BB, ADP-65HB BBEF, ADP-65KB, 0225C1965, QCD1ACYZZZTA51, CA010070890, CA010070960, CA0100709930, CA01007-09930, CP500585-02, CP500620-01, FMVAC315S

What's in the Box?

  • Adapter, Cable


  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)
  • Type
    AC Adapter, Charger, Power Cord, Power Supply
  • Colour
  • Compatibility
    AcerNote 730; AcerNote 730C; AcerNote 850C; TravelMate 310; TravelMate 320; Advent 4211; Advent Mondena M100; Advent Mondena M200; Advent Mondena M201; Advent Mondena M202; Advent Quantum Q100; Advent Quantum Q201; Advent Quantum Q202; Advent Sienna 300; Advent Sienna 500; Advent Sienna 700; Advent Sienna 710; Asus A42F; Asus A43; Asus A45; Asus A450; Asus A46; Asus A53; Asus A54; Asus A55; Asus A550; Asus A550C; Asus A55A; Asus A55VD; Asus A56; Asus A56C; Asus B43A; Asus B43F; Asus B43S; Asus B
  • Specific Device Compatibility
  • Designed For Laptops
  • Other Features
    Input AC100-240V / 50-60Hz; Output 19V 3.42A 65W
  • Dimensions
  • What's in the Box
  • Warranty Labour
    1 Year(s)
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



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