BattDepot: Replacement Laptop Adapter for IBM/Lenovo/LG/NEC ADP-90FB BB 12-00118-30. 19V 4.74A 90W Adapter - Online Only

  • Model #: ADP-90FB BB
  • Web Code: 11427382
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Replacement Laptop/Notebook Adapter for IBM/Lenovo IdeaPad U330/Y330/Z360, Essential B460/G460/G570, LG LW60/P1/W1, Medion Akoya E6200/E7200/P6630, MSI CR640/EX627/FR600/FX400, NEC LC500/LL700/LW30, Versa 500/E600/M370/P570, 12-00118-30, ADP-90CD DB, ADP64, 808-875692-010A. 19V 4.74A 90W Laptop Adapter (Fixed C-Tip). 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty. Please make sure the DC output and tip size are compatible before placing the order.

More Information

Compatible with the following models: IdeaPad U330, IdeaPad Y330, IdeaPad Y430, IdeaPad Y510, IdeaPad Y530, IdeaPad Y650, 3000 G430, 3000 G450, 3000 G530, 3000 N500, 3000 Y400, 3000 Y410, 3000 Y500, 3000 Y510, Lenovo B460, Lenovo B470, Lenovo B550, Lenovo B570, Lenovo C430, Lenovo E26, Lenovo E43, Lenovo E46, Essential G480A, Essential B465, Essential B470, Essential B570, Essential B575e 3685, Essential B580 4377, Essential G460, Essential G470, Essential G480, Essential G480-ISE, Essential G485, Essential G560, Essential G570, Essential G575, Essential G580, Essential G585, Essential G770, Lenovo F40, Lenovo F41, Lenovo F50, Lenovo G230, Lenovo G430, Lenovo G450, Lenovo G460, Lenovo G460, Lenovo G465, Lenovo G470, Lenovo G480, Lenovo G485, Lenovo G530, Lenovo G530, Lenovo G550, Lenovo G555, Lenovo G560, Lenovo G560, Lenovo G565, Lenovo G570, Lenovo G580, Lenovo G585, Lenovo G780, IdeaPad B460, IdeaPad B470, IdeaPad G430, IdeaPad G430, IdeaPad G460, IdeaPad G560, IdeaPad G570, IdeaPad P500, IdeaPad U350, IdeaPad U450, IdeaPad U550, IdeaPad V350, IdeaPad V360, IdeaPad V460, IdeaPad V460, IdeaPad V470, IdeaPad V570, IdeaPad Y400, IdeaPad Y410, IdeaPad Y430, IdeaPad Y450, IdeaPad Y460, IdeaPad Y470, IdeaPad Y480, IdeaPad Y485, IdeaPad Y490, IdeaPad Y500, IdeaPad Y510, IdeaPad Y550, IdeaPad Y560, IdeaPad Y570, IdeaPad Y580, IdeaPad Y590, IdeaPad Z360, IdeaPad Z370, IdeaPad Z380, IdeaPad Z400, IdeaPad Z460, IdeaPad Z465, IdeaPad Z470, IdeaPad Z480, IdeaPad Z485, IdeaPad Z500, IdeaPad Z560, IdeaPad Z565, IdeaPad Z570, IdeaPad Z575, IdeaPad Z580, IdeaPad Z585, Lenovo K26, Lenovo K27, Lenovo G455, Lenovo G460, Lenovo G550, Lenovo G555, Lenovo G560, Lenovo N500, Lenovo V360, Lenovo V470, Lenovo V570, Lenovo Y470, LG A1-PB10A, LG A1-PPRAG, LG LM70, LG LS75 Express, LG LW25 Express, LG LW40 Express, LG LW60, LG LW65 Express, LG LW70, LG P1, LG W1, MaxData Eco 3150X, MaxData Eco 3200X, MaxData Eco 755, MaxData M-Book 1200, MaxData M-Book 755, MaxData Vision 4200X, MaxData Vision 755, Medion Akoya Mini E1311, Medion Akoya Mini E1315, Medion Akoya X7811, Medion Erazer X6815, Medion Erazer X6816, Medion MD2900, Medion MD6179, Medion MD97107, Medion MD97125, Medion MD97127, Medion MD97164, Medion MD97295, Medion MD97411, Medion MD97663, Medion MD97690, Medion MD97842, Medion MD97931, Medion MD97982, Medion Akoya E6200, Medion Akoya E7200, Medion Akoya P6630, Medion Akoya P6640, Medion Akoya P6815, Medion Akoya P7621, Medion Akoya P7810, MSI A6400, MSI CR640, MSI CR650, MSI CX640, MSI CX650, MSI EX627, MSI EX723, MSI FR400, MSI FR600, MSI FR610, MSI FR620, MSI FR700, MSI FX400, MSI FX420, MSI FX600, MSI FX603, MSI FX610, MSI FX620, MSI FX700, MSI GE620, NEC LC300, NEC LC500, NEC LC50H, NEC LC550, NEC LC600, NEC LC700, NEC LC800, NEC LC900, NEC LC950, NEC LH300, NEC LH450, NEC LH700, NEC LL300, NEC LL500, NEC LL550, NEC LL700, NEC LL730, NEC LL750, NEC LL800, NEC LL900, NEC LL930, NEC LS46H, NEC LS50H, NEC LS50J, NEC LS55H, NEC LS600, NEC LS65H, NEC LS700, NEC LS800, NEC LT300, NEC LT500, NEC LT700, NEC LT900, NEC LU40L, NEC LU50, NEC LU700R, NEC LW23C, NEC LW23D, NEC LW26H, NEC LW30H, NEC LW333, NEC LW33H, NEC LW36H, NEC LW400, NEC LW40H, NEC LW43H, NEC LW450, NEC LW45H, NEC LW46H, NEC LW500J, NEC Ready 220T, NEC Ready 230T, NEC Ready 330T, NEC Ready 340T, NEC Ready 360T, NEC Ready 440T, NEC Versa 500, NEC Versa 5000, NEC Versa 5060, NEC Versa 5069, NEC Versa 5080, NEC Versa 550, NEC Versa AX, NEC Versa E120, NEC Versa E2000, NEC Versa E400, NEC Versa E600, NEC Versa E6200, NEC Versa E6300, NEC Versa E680, NEC Versa FX, NEC Versa FXi, NEC Versa JXi, NEC Versa JZi, NEC Versa L2200, NEC Versa M370, NEC Versa Note, NEC Versa NX, NEC Versa One, NEC Versa P570, NEC Versa P7500, NEC Versa P8210, NEC Versa P9110, NEC Versa S, NEC Versa S9100, NEC Versa S970, NEC Versa SXI, NEC Versa VX, NEC Versa VXI

Compatible with the following part numbers: 103923, 103924, 103942, 104256, 104303, 104365, 104485, 105395, 1528569, 1533789, 2525534, 6500591, 6500693, 6500706, 6500714, 6500721, 6506083, 0220A1990, 04G266006001, 04G266006060, 04G266006080, 04G266006220, 04G266008920, 04G266010600, 04G266010610, 04G266010620, 12-00118-30, 122-0041-000, 158-057421-000, 2521974R, 2521997R, 310-1958, 6506063R, 7U870, 808-875692-010A, 83-110093-2100, 83-110106-2400, 90-N00PW5200T, 90-N00PW5300T, 90-N00PW5500T, 90-N00PW5700T, 90-N6APW2010, 90-N6EPW2000, 90-N6EPW2010, 90-N6EPW2012, 90-NAPAW2000, 90-XB04N0PW00030Y, 90-XB04N0PW00040Y, 9T458, AC90W1, ACDCADAP, ACE83-110093-2100, ACE83-110106-2400, ACE83-110114, ADP-45CD, ADP-60ZH, ADP64, ADP-65 HB BBCF, ADP-65 HB BBEF, ADP-75FB, ADP-90CD, ADP-90CD DB, ADP-90CDDB, ADP-90CDDB/BB, ADP-90FB BB, ADP-90SB BB, ADP-90SBBB, ADP-90YD B, API3AD030, ASS5NE, AZ121508, EXA0904YH, F4813-60901, FPCAC62W, K000002140, K000004590, K000043490, K000826160, K000831951, LSE0220A1990, N17908, PA-11, PA-1480-19T, PA-1900-03, PA-1900-05W, PA-1900-24, PA-1900-36, PA-1900-66, PA3164U, PA3164U-1ACA, PA3165U, PA3516E-1AC3, PA3516U, PA5035U-1ACA, PPP014S, PX5035E-1PWR, QCD1ACYZZZTA43, QND1ACYZZZ0031, QND1ACYZZZ0073, QND1ACYZZZTA43, QND1ACYZZZTA60, REV A1, SA80-3115, SA80T-3115, SA80T-3115-1412, VA15B21001637, VPRN-AC100

What's in the Box?

  • Adapter, Cable


  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)
  • Type
    AC Adapter, Charger, Power Cord, Power Supply
  • Colour
  • Compatibility
    IdeaPad U330; IdeaPad Y330; IdeaPad Y430; IdeaPad Y510; IdeaPad Y530; IdeaPad Y650; 3000 G430; 3000 G450; 3000 G530; 3000 N500; 3000 Y400; 3000 Y410; 3000 Y500; 3000 Y510; Lenovo B460; Lenovo B470; Lenovo B550; Lenovo B570; Lenovo C430; Lenovo E26; Lenovo E43; Lenovo E46; Essential G480A; Essential B465; Essential B470; Essential B570; Essential B575e 3685; Essential B580 4377; Essential G460; Essential G470; Essential G480; Essential G480-ISE; Essential G485; Essential G560; Essential G570; Ess
  • Specific Device Compatibility
  • Designed For Laptops
  • Other Features
    Input AC100-240V / 50-60Hz; Output 19V 4.74A 90W
  • Dimensions
  • What's in the Box
  • Warranty Labour
    1 Year(s)
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



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