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  • Model #: AA-PA0N90W
  • Web Code: 11430985
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Replacement Laptop/Notebook Adapter for Samsung NP200A5B/NP300A5A/NP600B4B, P210/P410/P500/P710, Q210/Q320/Q520, R420/R470/R520/R580, X20/X30/X60, AA-PA0N90W, AD-4019, ADP-60ZH A, NBP001275-00, PA1900-08S, SADP-90FH B, SPA-V20. 19V 4.74A 90W Laptop Adapter (Fixed I-Tip). 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. 1 Year Warranty. Please make sure the DC output and tip size are compatible before placing the order.

More Information

Compatible with the following Samsung models: NP200A5B, NP200B4A, NP200B5A, NP200B5B, NP270E4E, NP270E5E, NP270E5G, NP275E5E, NP300A5A, NP300E4C, NP300E5C, NP350E4C, NP350E5C, NP350E7C, NP350U2B, NP350V4C, NP350V5C, NP355E4C, NP355E5C, NP355E7C, NP355V4C, NP355V5C, NP470R5E, NP500P4C, NP510R5E, NP520U4C, NP530U4C, NP535U4C, NP550P5C, NP550P7C, NP600B4B, NP600B4C, NP600B5B, NP700Z3A, NP700Z3C, NP700Z4A, NP700Z5A, NP700Z5B, NP700Z5C, NP700Z7C, NP770Z7E, NP780Z5E, NP880Z5E, NP-E3415, NP-E3420, NP-E452, NP-E852, NP-M730, NP-P208, NP-P230, NP-P320, NP-P330, NP-P428, NP-P430, NP-P460, NP-P480, NP-P510, NP-P560, NP-P580, NP-Q230, NP-Q308, NP-Q310, NP-Q318, NP-Q318E, NP-Q320, NP-Q322, NP-Q330, NP-Q430, NP-Q460, NP-Q530, NP-QX411, NP-R408L, NP-R410L, NP-R418, NP-R420, NP-R425, NP-R428, NP-R429, NP-R430, NP-R438, NP-R463, NP-R464, NP-R465, NP-R466, NP-R467, NP-R468, NP-R469, NP-R470, NP-R478, NP-R480, NP-R481, NP-R503, NP-R505, NP-R507, NP-R509, NP-R517, NP-R518, NP-R522, NP-R525, NP-R528, NP-R540, NP-R560, NP-R580E, NP-R580I, NP-R581, NP-R610, NP-R620E, NP-R717, NP-R719, NP-R730C, NP-R780E, NP-RC410, NP-RC420, NP-RC425, NP-RF410, NP-RF510, NP-RF710, NP-RV408, NP-RV410, NP-RV411, NP-RV415, NP-RV419, NP-RV420, NP-RV508, NP-RV510, NP-RV515, NP-RV520, NP-RV720, NP-SF310, NP-SF410, NP-SF510, NP-X330, NP-X360, NP-X418, NP-X420, NP-X430, NP-X460, NP-X520, NT-Q230, NT-Q330, NT-Q428, NT-R430, NT-R440, NT-RF411, NT-SF310, NT-SF410, NT-X330, NT-X430, P210, P210 Pro, P408, P410, P500, P500Y, P510, P530, P560, P710, Q208, Q210, Q230, Q318, Q320 Aura, Q320, Q428, Q430, Q460, Q470, Q520, Q528, Q70-XY06, R408, R410, R418, R420, R423, R425, R428, R429, R430, R431, R438, R439, R440, R458, R460, R462, R463, R463H, R464, R465, R465H, R466, R467, R468, R468H, R469, R470, R470H, R478, R480, R480L, R481, R505, R507, R509, R510, R517, R518, R519, R519, R520, R520, R522, R523, R525, R528, R530, R538, R540, R55-CV02, R560, R580, R581, R590, R60, R60 Plus, R61, R610, R620, R620-63G, R65 Pro, R65, R65 WEP, R70, R70 Aura, R700, R70, R710, R717, R718, R719, R720, R728, R730, R780, RV411-CD5BR, V20, V20 XTC 2000, V25, V25 XVC 2000, VM6000, VM6300, VM7000, VM7500, VM7550, VM7650, VM7700, VM8000, VM8080, VM8090, VM8095, VM8100, X20, X20 LVC 730, X20 XVM 1600, X22, X25, X30, X360, X460, X50, X60 Plus, X60, X65 Pro, X65

Compatible with the following part numbers: 0455A1990, 152884, 504030-015, 504030-016, A10-090P4A, AA-PA0N90W, AA-PA0N90W/E, AA-PA0N90W/UK, AA-PA1N90W, AA-PA1N90W/E, AA-PA1N90W/UK, AA-PA1N90W/US, AA-PA3NS90, AA-PA3NS90/US, AD-4019, AD-6019, AD-6019(V), AD-6019A, AD-6019V, AD-6519, AD8019, AD-8019, AD9019, AD-9019, AD-9019A, AD-9019E, AD9019M, AD-9019M, AD9019N, AD-9019N, AD9019S, AD-9019S, AD-9019SL, ADP-60ZH A, ADP-60ZH D, AP04214-UV, AP11AD002, API1AD02, API3AD05, BA44-00130AP, BA44-00147A, BA44-00215A, BA44-00233A, BA44-00242A, BA44-00243A, BA44-00244A, DSO014900-00, NBP001275-00, NBP001284-00, NBP001324-00, NBP001326-00, NBP001326-01, NBP001326-02, NBP001444-00, NBP001445-00, NBP001516-00, NBP001517-00, NBP001518-00, NBP001587-00, NPP001281-00, PA-1900-08S, PA1900-08S, PCGAD-6019, SADP-90FH B, SADP-90FH D, SAM-AA-PA0N90W, SAM-SPAX10, SAM-SPA-X10, SPA-690E/E, SPA-690E/UK, SPA-830E/EUR, SPA-830E/UK, SPA-A10E/E, SPA-A10E/UK, SPA-P30, SPA-P30E, SPAP30E/E, SPA-P30E/E, SPA-P30E/UK, SPA-P30SPA-P30E, SPA-T10/EUR, SPA-T10/UK, SPA-T10E/EUR, SPA-V20, SPA-V20E, SPA-V20E/E, SPA-V20E/UK, SPA-X10, SPA-X10/E, SPA-X10/UK

What's in the Box?

  • Adapter, Cable


  • Parts - 1 Year(s)
  • Labour - 1 Year(s)
  • Type
    AC Adapter, Charger, Power Cord, Power Supply
  • Colour
  • Compatibility
    NP200A5B; NP200B4A; NP200B5A; NP200B5B; NP270E4E; NP270E5E; NP270E5G; NP275E5E; NP300A5A; NP300E4C; NP300E5C; NP350E4C; NP350E5C; NP350E7C; NP350U2B; NP350V4C; NP350V5C; NP355E4C; NP355E5C; NP355E7C; NP355V4C; NP355V5C; NP470R5E; NP500P4C; NP510R5E; NP520U4C; NP530U4C; NP535U4C; NP550P5C; NP550P7C; NP600B4B; NP600B4C; NP600B5B; NP700Z3A; NP700Z3C; NP700Z4A; NP700Z5A; NP700Z5B; NP700Z5C; NP700Z7C; NP770Z7E; NP780Z5E; NP880Z5E; NP-E3415; NP-E3420; NP-E452; NP-E852; NP-M730; NP-P208; NP-P230; NP-P3
  • Specific Device Compatibility
  • Designed For Laptops
  • Other Features
    Input AC100-240V / 50-60Hz; Output 19V 4.74A 90W
  • Dimensions
  • What's in the Box
  • Warranty Labour
    1 Year(s)
  • Warranty Parts
    1 Year(s)



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