Beats by Dr. Dre Studio3 Skyline Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones - Shadow Grey


  • Very comfortable!!!!!!!!!!

    from Oshawa on 4 décembre 2019

    They cover your ears completely and are very comfortable. They also block out sound so you can listen to music, sleep, or read a book without getting distracted by loud noises.

  • Not sure why my kid loved it
    by Ramesh

    on 30 novembre 2019

    This is my son’s 4th in 3 years. It is good for 6 months and starts weathering down.

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  • Sound is very flat and no depth whatsoever!
    by Jules

    on 29 novembre 2019

    I just got these and was very excited for it because of my last beats that I got (Beats Solo3). I loved how these fit and looked, but sound was complete garbage. My solos were better than these and I compared them side by side and the sound had more depth with the solos for sure. If you want good quality sound but want beats, then I would recommend the Solo3 instead of this.

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  • Beats don’t get enough credit!
    by CK01

    on 13 novembre 2019

    I’ve been rocking my Beats Studio for a few years now and have a mild headphone obsession. I recently purchased the (almost) $400 Sony headphones that are highly rated and “the” Bluetooth over ear headphone. After listening for a few days, I honestly cannot hear enough of a difference in the sound (compared to these) to justify their cost. I plan to stay with the Beats brand because their sound quality is high and their price point is pretty solid. Writing this, seems to be pretty controversial among tech lovers, who seem to be pretty hard on the Beats brand. But I’m sticking with them!

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  • Great for outdoor use
    by did1n2

    on 10 novembre 2019

    Been using these while mowing the lawn , while I can hear the mowers running it is muffled so much you don't have to have the volume cranked up blasting your ears . Nice deep bass response good highs sound quality is great . Connected to my iPhone I receive calls , notifications , and can use Seri couldn't ask for more.

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  • They sound amazing
    by Trista

    on 9 novembre 2019

    I got them for my son and he loves them!! Great purchase!

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  • Love my Beats.
    by Sony

    on 7 novembre 2019

    Got the Beats for myself and is enjoying every moment. Can’t go wrong with Beats.

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  • Great
    by Doris

    on 2 novembre 2019

    20-hour minimum battery life. Audio quality has improved from older models.

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  • Great headphones for beginners
    by Houston713

    on 1 novembre 2019

    The sounds is perfect. Bluetooth connection. The amazing part is that it’s wireless. Take it anywhere charges up within minutes.

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  • Great headphones
    by Jacob

    on 25 octobre 2019

    While Beats may have their downsides, it’s a great pair of headphones for casual use. It does exactly what it’s advertised to do, and if you get the warranty you can’t go wrong!

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