Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone - Silver


  • The best mic for livestreaming!
    by guitarpete987

    on 15 septembre 2019

    This camera picks up sound clearly, from throughout the room. Two people can easily talk at a table and it will pick up both of their voices with no problem. This is a wonderful mic that won't break the bank.

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  • great mic
    by Beeps

    on 12 septembre 2019

    couldn't have asked for a better mic. beautiful in person as well! highly recommended

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  • Horrible product
    by Mdeeaz

    on 10 septembre 2019

    This microphone broke within one week of purchasing! Do not waste your money!!!

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  • good beginner microphone
    by Yarm

    on 7 septembre 2019

    there are always deals and sales on these microphones and you can always buy them cheap. they're very good quality and good microphone for beginning podcasts, narrations, etc.

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  • I didn't know it was possible to sound this good o
    by Cary

    on 6 septembre 2019

    I use this to create marketing videos. The sound from this is amazing.

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  • excellent microphone
    by Doug

    on 30 août 2019

    Great value microphone for the price. Absolutely no issues with it so far.

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  • Good quality
    by JEstrada

    on 26 août 2019

    Good Quality microphone. I use this for streaming games and everybody have stated that voice is much clear. Great!

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  • Mic for new streamers.
    by Kingston

    on 24 août 2019

    An excellent microphone for beginner and experienced streamers.

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  • Great mic for at home recording projects
    by Eric12183

    on 22 août 2019

    I teach a high school music technology class. A colleague recommended this microphone. After using his for a few projects at school, I knew I had to invest in one for myself!

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  • great for recording
    by Sally

    on 22 août 2019

    I like to record my voice and the songs I sing, very easy to use. Best thing I have boughten

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