BodyForm Orthopedic Classic Latex Foam Pillow - White


  • Love it

    from London  on June 7, 2017

    Best pillow I've had. Been using it for 6mths.

  • could be a tad bigger

    from In Bed, ON on December 10, 2016

    Got this on sale, def worth the sale price, but you can find slightly larger, queen size pillow case filling, latex pillows for the regular price of this one. It dose smell for a long time,,, take the zipper cover off, wash it, and let the latex foam pillow breath in a spare room for a week or so and its pretty good,, better would be to buy a hypo allergenic pillow case for it,, smell gone totally. They are great for anyone with allergies,, or at least they helped mine. I only took a star off due to regular price is a bit steep, and they are not as big as others for the same price, but only by a few inches...

  • watch out

    from Pickering, ON on May 10, 2016

    This pillow is not 100% natural latex foam therefore false advertising only worthwhile on sale you've been warned!

  • Excellent for side-sleeper

    from Ottawa, ON on January 10, 2016

    I'd been using a succession of down, fake down, water-filled & memory foam pillows over the years, searching for the perfect pillow. Down or alternative pillows go flat, water pillows are heavy & slosh and memory foam's too hard (not enough "give"). Although I normally fall asleep on my side, I usually wake up on my back. I researched pillows and most sites recommend latex pillows as having the best features of down & memory foam. I bought this pillow on sale over the Christmas holidays and after using it for a week, it's a keeper. You can bunch it up like a down pillow, it softly cradles yet supports your head/neck. As for the downsides, it's slightly smaller than a normal pillow so your pillow case will probably be too big. And wait for a sale - [price] for a pillow?