Bose SoundTouch 10 Wireless Multi-Room Speaker - White


  • Too difficult to update app
    by iamtheboxer

    on November 6, 2019

    works great when it works. As soon as you are required to update the app. problems takes over. Would not recommend on this alone.

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  • Great !!!!!
    by Tere

    on November 3, 2019

    I loved it, at first time was not very well but after updated I am in love with my speakers

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  • Sound = great but only for music, not video
    by Ljhugs

    on October 30, 2019

    Let’s be very clear... these speakers are for music playback only. Do not buy them if you intend to use as a sound system for video plays as the will be a minimum 3s lag on the sound vs video. To be fair Bose only lists their use for music but it should have been stated there would be a lag for video. It makes no sense to me that I can’t do both.

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  • Stops working Buy another Brand
    by Pablo

    on October 25, 2019

    Bought a Soundtouch 10 got it set up and it worked for a while. Then it stopped working and now whenever I try to play music (Bluetooth) from my phone all that happens is the SoundTouch Indicator comes on flashing bright yellow, and there is no reference to such a flashing light in the manual. I Tried everything in the manual and online but no successful This speaker is a big waste of time and money.

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  • Good sound, strong bass.
    by Anonymous reviewer

    on October 19, 2019

    Speakers have beautiful appearance and many features. Volume is many times larger than the size of the speaker. Bluetooth can receive stable signals continuously at long distances. The speaker also has an auto off feature after 20 minutes of non-use. However, the service is supported without Vietnamese music. The radio also has no Vietnamese language channel.

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  • Cannot go wrong with this speaker!
    by cooper1

    on October 3, 2019

    I’ve had my soundtouch 10 for close to 6 years now and it works and sounds just as good as it did the day i bought it!! GREAT value and i absolutely love it. Now thinking of getting another to use the pairing feature.

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  • Great sound
    by Dexter

    on October 1, 2019

    Sounds great. Links up with all my other sound touch speakers

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  • This is a BOSE product?
    by Laineyvista

    on September 30, 2019

    I have been listening to my 2 Bose speakers for a month now. I have used different apps to try and adjust the sound quality to no avail. I am so disappointed in this product and I really expected that with these speakers having the "BOSE" name, I would hear a nice deep beautiful sound. I did research several products before purchasing these speaker's and I even went to the store that I purchased them from to HEAR the sound of the speakers before purchasing. I bought 2 speakers to have the ability to hear the true authentic sound one would expect from "BOSE". I wanted to hear the deep rich under tones, and deep bass with every sound of the songs I listened to, to be distinguishable from each other, only to find sub-par sound coming from these speakers. I can not believe that these are BOSE. The volume of these speakers are less than I had hoped too. I am not sure why anyone would give anymore than a one star rating, but maybe they do not have the experience at true listening skills that I have developed over time. I have beyond excellent capabilities when it comes to hearing. So I can honestly say without hesitation these speakers only rate a one star and absolutely no more. BOSE engineer's, you have really failed here. Please go back to the drawing board and produce the quality of product this name should have. And to BOSE, sell this design to some off brand and move on. Thank you for reading. By the way, I am rating the other items 1 star even if I truly believe it does deserve more stars, because I absolutely do not want my rating of the other areas to distort the first and foremost rating, which of course is SOUND. I would like to note that the other areas, like ease of use, would get at least 4 stars, and my average star ratings, excluding sound quality, would rank a 3 to 4 star rating. So the other less important items are average, however, again to repeat myself, the only true measure should be about the sound quality, period.

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  • The Sound is great!
    by MedSpa

    on September 28, 2019

    I purchased 7 speakers for our spa. The sound is clear, crisp and great. We are just having trouble with syncing the speakers together and the Bose Soundtouch program. They keep pausing and stopping.

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  • Good for streaming in an office
    by Greg

    on September 13, 2019

    Since it works only wireless occasional disconnects happen. I wish it had a wired option otherwise unit works very well.

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