Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds II Truly Wireless Earbuds - Silver

Model Number: Sleepbuds II
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Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds II Truly Wireless Earbuds - Silver


Experience a deep, restful night's sleep with the help of the noise-masking Bose Sleepbuds II. Boasting truly wireless technology, they play content from the Bose Sleep app including nature sounds, tranquil tones, and white noise. They're clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and feature proprietary ear tips for a comfortable fit.


Experience a deep, restful night's sleep with the help of the noise-masking Bose Sleepbuds II. Boasting truly wireless technology, they play content from the Bose Sleep app including nature sounds, tranquil tones, and white noise. They're clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and feature proprietary ear tips for a comfortable fit.

  • Truly wireless ear buds play content from the Bose Sleep app, giving you full control of the sound library and personalised features
  • More than 50 curated sounds include tranquil tones, nature sounds, white noise, and other noise-masking sounds for an uninterrupted night's sleep
  • Download your favourite sounds directly to the ear buds, control the volume, and set a wake-up alarm
  • Proprietary ear tips are made of soft silicone for a comfortable and secure fit, even if you roll over in your sleep
  • Rechargeable batteries deliver 10 hours of life on a single charge, and 3 additional charges from the included portable storage case
  • Compatible with devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy, including Apple devices running iOS 11 or later and devices running Android 6.0 or later
Designed for Kids


Sleep Aid
PC-ABS; Silicone; Aluminum


BT 5.0
Smart Phone Synchronization
Wireless Syncing
Other Features
Private wake up alarm; relaxation content (english only); Case for storage and charging; IPX4


Web-based Application
App Enabled
Voice Control
Works with Amazon Alexa
Works with Google Assistant
Works with Apple HomeKit
Android Compatibility
Companion App Required
Compatible App Stores


Battery Type
Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium Ion
Battery Life (Typical)
10 h
Charging Time
2 h
Charging Method

Other Features

Built-in Speaker
Built-in Mic
Water Resistance
Dust Proof
7.7 cm
7.77 cm
2.73 cm
97.42 g
  • Bose Sleepbuds II - Soothing Sounds and Noise-Masking Technology Designed for Better Sleep
  • Charging/Storage Case
  • 3 Sizes Of Eartips
  • Wall Charger
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

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  • Great update to an already good product!
    Reviewed by Cupra - October 14, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I've owned the original Noise-Masking Sleepbuds for 2 years now, and they have been working great. These Bose Sleepbuds II take an already good product and make it great! If you are wondering what they differences are between the two, you're in the right place! There are some cosmetic changes, but functionality-wise, they remain true to the original. The differences: • The aluminum case now has an almost 'rose gold' look to it, compared to the original silver • The design of the buds is now more oval, the original was round • The charging lights are now bigger and also a lot brighter • There are 3 pin connections to charge the buds vs 2 on the original • The docking magnet is almost twice the size for an instant and solid connection • The sound channel is slightly shallower now, compared to the original, presumably for hygiene reasons • The charging of the case is via USB-C now instead of mini-USB • There is no longer a soft protective bag provided with the Sleepbuds II Set up was a breeze, they were already 50% charged when they arrived, so I topped them off within an hour or so. The charging lights are bright and strong as they pulsate to show charging status. I already had the Bose Sleep App downloaded, so launched it, put the Sleepbuds II in my ear and they were recognized first time. Perfect. They even picked up the last sound that I was playing using the previous version of the Sleepbuds. I was able to pick up seamlessly where I left off. The design of the Sleepbuds II is very low profile, very comfortable and easy to slip into your ear. The 'ear shaped' attachment rests smoothly in your ear while you sleep. You can lay on your side comfortably with them in, for uninterrupted sleep. They don't move around in your ear at all (I used the ones installed from the factory), and are easy to pull out of your ear after use. There are a variety of ambient sounds to choose, from Ocean Waves to Rain, Rustling Leaves to City Sounds, something for everyone. Simply select a soundtrack, select your volume and lay down your head. The noise masking capability of the Sleepbuds II is superior to the previous generation, helping to provide uninterrupted sleep, depending on the volume you set them at. They do feel like they help to cut you off from the outside world. With the app you can also check the battery life, which is exemplary for such a small product, you can even use the buds without a phone (after connecting), allowing you to leave your phone in another room, not be disturbed by notifications, but still have the soothing sounds playing through the earbuds. Nice touch! You can set timers for the length of play, you can set volume limits, so that you don't blow out your ears and change the apps mode to dark mode, so you aren't blinded at night if changing the settings. You can also set alarms/sounds to wake you up as well. The app is very robust and hasn't crashed on me while using it. Overall, a very nice upgrade to an already good product, providing comfort, elegance, and genuine noise-masking sleep quality.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Great, tangible upgrade over the original Sleepbud
    Reviewed by optimummind - October 17, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] === Summary === Just like the first-gen Sleepbuds, the Bose Sleepbuds II is a fantastic product that will help people fall asleep and stay asleep without getting bothered by distracting noises like traffic, barking dogs, snoring partners, and noisy neighbors. The Sleepbuds II are supremely comfortable, more so than the first-gen, and come with useful features like an alarm clock, phone call alerts, and a wide selection of sound effects. It's a complete win! _____ Pros: -Super comfortable and light. -Fits my ears perfectly (medium size tips, Size 2). -Great sound quality with excellent passive noise cancellation. -Many choices for ambient & alarm clock sounds. -Alarm only wakes you up and not your partner. -The charging case is compact and uses USB-C. -Slick magnetic docking and charging mechanism for the Sleepbuds. -The Bose app is intuitively laid out and easy to use. _____ Neutral: -It is still too expensive. A lower price can reach more people to help them sleep better. _____ Cons: -None === Design, Build Quality, and Ergonomics === The entire Bose Sleepbuds II package, like the first-gen one, looks and feels premium. The aluminum charging case is compact, light, and the lid slides open and closes very smoothly. The charging port is now USB-C, a great move from Bose. Bose included three pairs of ear tips and for me, size 2 (Medium) was perfect. The Sleepbuds themselves, which underwent a significant redesign, has gotten even better. Compared to its 2-year-old predecessor, the buds are a bit flatter and more oval-shaped this time around, making them even more comfortable when inserted into the ears. Whereas the first-gen Sleepbuds created some rubbing noise when you moved your head around on the pillow while sleeping sideways, these second-gen ones have gotten rid of the noise. Although this had never bothered me before, I give credit to Bose for listening to customer feedback on its forum and implementing this redesign. Another subtle but noticeable improvement is the improved passive noise isolation. Even without any noise-masking soundtracks playing, the buds themselves do a fantastic job blocking out a lot of noise on their own, much better than any foam earplugs I've tried. One big issue I experienced with the first-gen Sleepbuds was the magnets on the Sleepbuds that came off after about a year of daily usage; to fix it, I had to use super glue and some tweezers to reattach the magnet so that the Sleepbuds could snap into the charging case again. For the Sleepbuds II, Bose overhauled the magnet design and made it more durable and longer-lasting. It's too early to tell right now but the separation of the charging pins and the longer magnet makes me feel confident that I won't experience any magnet issues with the Sleepbuds II. ======= Noise Masking Ability ======= To sum it up simply, Bose has done a fantastic job blocking out pretty much all ambient noise with numerous finely-tuned soundtracks that are available inside the app. The Sleepbuds II's ability to block out ambient noise is WAY greater than any foam earplugs can achieve - barking dogs, rumbling delivery truck sounds, snoring wifey, kid's Youtube videos, etc. Within the app, you can fine-tune the loudness level in case you want to stay alert to certain events going around you. But if you just want to tune everything out, you can do that too by increasing the loudness, almost guaranteeing complete obliviousness to the outside world. As for me personally, I like to set the volume to about two or three notches above the recommended level set by Bose inside the app. When browsing through the soundtracks, I was very happy to see my favorite track still available (Cascade/waterfall). I tried some of the newer tracks but found many of them to be too distracting due to sudden high-pitch effects that often jolted me back awake. Everyone's sensitivity levels are different, so it's a good idea to go through all of them and pick your favorite ones. === Is it a good buy? === If you suffer from sleep issues and find yourself waking up frequently, the Sleepbuds II is definitely a great buy if you have the coin for it. You'll fall asleep faster, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed and feeling great. At $250, the kit is definitely on the expensive side and I wish Bose would lower the price so that more people can afford it and get some quality sleep. Notwithstanding the price, I rate Sleepbuds II a 10 out of 10. It's got the premium look and presentation, a great selection of soundtracks to block ambient noise, and the buds are extremely comfortable and stay put inside my ears all night.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Amazing Design!
    Reviewed by veritech13 - October 27, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] FIRST OFF THE EARBUDS DO NOT ALLOW FOR USE WITH YOUR OWN MUSIC OR STREAMING AUDIO. IT WILL ONLY WORK WITH THE APP AND IT'S PRE-PROGRAMMED SOUNDS. The fit is amazing, the material is very soft and is very comfortable. The size and design allow for inner ear placement whereas you can rest on the pillow/mattress with your head flat and not have the earbud press into your ear and cause discomfort. The pairing is very easy and the ambien sound blocking is a very nice feature if you have late night traffic noise or late ngiht trains, helps with everything. It is not a must have but it is a definite plus when you have it and it will help restless sleepers with the soothing sounds to keep your mind from racing at night and block out sounds to help make an environment conducive to sleeping.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Comfortable and effective
    Reviewed by BiggE - October 21, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] These came at the right time as we were going on a two week vacation. I snore and my wife has to wear her airpods to help her sleep. Well these have taken there place with the airpods she could still her me snore. These buds have taken care of all of that she slept all night with no issue. They fit perfectly in her ears. They do come with 3 sizes of buds. Witch is nice they didn't poke out and snag on the pillow. A great charge for such a small product. The Boise sound app is awesome it has some great choices to listen to and a great sound they really do drown out other sounds. Now if you need to wake up to the alam make sure you check it to adjust how loud it comes threw. You can get a notification of calls on the series 2 I hear that the 1st series you couldn't and you don't get a sound when you rub the buds against the pillow. They are a little pricey but if you want a good night sleep these are worth every penny.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

  • Life-Changing Product... After a Clunky Setup
    Reviewed by ryanmcv - October 24, 2020

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was super excited to see that Bose had announced a new version of its Sleepbuds after abruptly discontinuing the original version last year. I never had a chance to try the first iteration, but as a light sleeper living in the downtown area of a major city, I've long been looking for a way to drown out noise at night. After 2 weeks of use, I can say that the Sleepbuds II have absolutely led to a better night's sleep -- but only after a clunky setup experience and adjusting for proper volume and comfort. === SETUP (2 Stars) === It seems like the setup experience should be easy enough, and it is for the most part. Just download the Bose Sleep app, connect the buds via Bluetooth, and you should be good to go. Unfortunately, there's more to it than that, and Bose isn't very transparent about this. The quick start guide says to connect the charging case to power before pairing with the Bose Sleep app. But what Bose doesn't tell you is that you should fully charge the case and Sleepbuds for at least 6 hours before attempting to pair. This recommendation is hidden on the full owner's manual which is only available on the Bose website and not included in the box. Even after letting the case and Sleepbuds charge for more than 6 hours, my Sleepbuds would not report a charge above 26% - no matter how long I let them charge. After consulting with Bose support, the solution was to press the reset button on the back of the charging case with a paper clip, since apparently the batteries in both the case and Sleepbuds were not properly calibrated. After that, the case and Sleepbuds now charge properly and report the correct batter level via the app. None of this is immediately obvious and several other users have reported this problem on Bose's own online forums. So I suspect it will also be a problem for average users, as well - so hopefully this review will help someone. === COMFORT (5 Stars) === I was actually shocked when I first saw the Sleepbuds -- they are amazingly small and do not protrude out of my ears at all. The default medium tip size fits my ears perfectly. The first night I wore them, I realized I had not fully twisted one of the Sleepbuds to get the wing to snap under my ear ridge -- so it ended up falling out halfway through the night. Now, I make a conscious effort to fully twist and secure the buds into place before going to sleep each night. No problems at at all since then. I am exclusively a side-sleeper so I was worried that the Sleepbuds would cause a lot of pressure or discomfort while laying my ears directly on the pillow. I will admit, the first night, I could certainly tell that something was in my ear as I laid on my side, but it never caused any pain or discomfort. Since the buds don't protrude at all, the pressure from my pillow does not force the Sleepbuds deeper into my ears -- they just sit flush with my pillow. If you are a very heavy sleeper and put a lot of pressure on your head or pillow, you might have a different experience. But for me, the comfort of the Sleepbuds far exceeded my expectations, and after two weeks of wearing them, I can't even tell I'm wearing them. === SOUNDS AND CUSTOMIZATIONS (5 Stars) === Bose has an excellent selection of sounds available through the Bose Sleep app, and some of the default sounds are my favorites. "Swell" makes my feel like I'm right near the ocean with gentle waves breaking. "Warm Static" is a very gentle white noise. "Rinse" mimics the gentle sound of rain falling on a roof or window. There are a lot of other sounds available via the Sound Library section of the app. The app also lets you set an alarm or enable alerts for incoming phone calls. Sounds can be set to play all night or only for a specific amount of time (anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours). What's nice is that the sounds are stored on the earbuds themselves, so even if you lose your Bluetooth connection, the sound keeps playing. What I've learned with these Sleepbuds is that "less is more" -- You really don't need to keep the volume very high. The app actually warns you against doing so if you set the volume at higher levels. I've found that keeping the volume at about 33% is the sweet spot, but this will obviously vary from person to person. It's important to keep in mind that these are noise-masking earbuds, NOT noise-cancelling. So there will still be some ambient noise that can be heard with the Sleepbuds worn. But the sounds in the Bose app are so perfectly tuned that I have not heard any external sounds while sleeping since I began wearing them. === IMPROVEMENT TO SLEEP QUALITY (5 Stars) === So this is obviously the main reason anyone would consider the Sleepbuds -- and I'm so happy to say that they have made a massive improvement to my sleep. It took some trial and error to find the right sounds and volume levels. I will admit that I woke up the first night I wore them because the volume was too high and I realized I didn't particularly like whatever sound I had chosen. My advice is to not give up -- keep trying various sounds and volume levels until you find what works for you. I live in an apartment complex in the downtown area of a major city, so noise is just a fact of life. Upstairs neighbors, police sirens, dogs barking -- you name it, I've heard it. With the Sleepbuds, I no longer have to worry about the noisy neighbor who wakes up at 4:00am, or the dog who barks all night. The calming sounds from the Sleepbuds brilliantly mask all of this noise, allowing me to get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. After nearly 2 full weeks of wearing them nightly, I can safely say that I am waking up more rested than I have in long time. === OVERALL === I really love the Sleepbuds. I don't know of any other mainstream product on the market in this category, but I'm so glad that Bose chose to bring back the Sleepbuds with the comfort and quality that they're known for. I had to knock off a star for the sub-par setup experience, but I'm hopeful that Bose will improve that with future firmware updates. To new buyers who may be questioning the comfort or effectiveness of the Sleepbuds, my advice is to stick with it and try different combinations of sounds, volume levels, and ear tip sizes. You may be rewarded with some of the best sleep you've had in a while.

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    Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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